Thursday, October 28

The Ortegas start their campaign to win a rigged election




Of the 6.5 million inhabitants of Nicaragua, 4.3 million are part of the electorate that on November 7 will have to freely decide a president, a vice president, 90 national deputies and another 20 regional members of Parliament. Last Saturday, October 2, the most absurd and constrained electoral campaign began in which Daniel Ortega, 75 years old, will join forces for the second time with his extravagant wife, Rosario Murillo, educated in Switzerland and adept at esotericism, whom many call the visible head of the socialist movement.

The president, who began his own campaign yesterday, is heading to the power he has held since 2007 in his fourth consecutive term. After modifying the laws that prevented him from being reelected, Ortega has carried out the arrest of 37 political opponents. We must add the arrest of 120 protesters, participants in the 2018 protests against the imposed regime that left 328 dead and 88,000 exiles in the face of the approaching authoritarian drift. The latest arrests since May have prepared the reelection of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) with the arrests of the nine main opposition candidates, including Christian Chamorro, daughter of former president, and the favorite in the polls. All of them accused of “money laundering, conspiracy and promoting measures against Nicaragua” in legislation approved by the ruling party.

The ‘Nicaragua Triunfa’, of the always leader Ortega, brings together up to ten movements and will honor its name, against five minor right-wing parties. Once a single opposition candidacy with up to seven candidates to preside over Nicaragua has been eradicated by the regime, the weak opposition is weighed down by indifference because the government just banned rallies with more than 200 people under the pretext of the pandemic, although the Sandinista Front produced massive pre-electoral events this year.

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