Wednesday, August 10

The other data of the Mayan Train

Whatever they say, Jimmy Pons He left Fonatur through the back door and left a dump. The weekly advances were not enough, nor the tours to prove the progress of the Mayan Train, one of the three star projects of the current administration.

The cruel and implacable reality prevailed and showed that the promises and plans that were presented to the President have not been fulfilled, nor have the advances in the work that the project should have to date. Steam planning and constant disagreements between Fonatur and the five construction companies suggest that the Mayan Train will not be inaugurated in a timely manner, in addition to the increase in its total cost.

A talker falls sooner than a lame

By telling you that, through request number 330014821000119, I do have the other data of the actual progress mayan elephant… oh no, sorry, from the Mayan Train.

Go for a jicarita de pozol (to feel in the southeast) and check yourself… the miseries of the project:

These pyrrhic advances are what Fonatur reported to Roberto Salcedo’s SFP, who apparently has not seen that there are already grounds for rescission of contracts.

Since April 8, 2020, I have reported the multiple ‘derailments’ of the Mayan Train:

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Each of the queries I have made via Inai to support these columns reveals that there are five major aspects for which the project is a disaster. Take note.

1.- The line goes where my finger says

The most controversial aspect has been the line axis, which, despite the fact that they said it was defined and would not give rise to any problem, has been modified because the corresponding geological, social and environmental studies were not carried out, and also because of presidential humor of the moment. Because it doesn’t matter if cities like Campeche are cut in half by the confinement of the train or if the hotel land in the Riviera Maya is expropriated because the train doesn’t fit along the highway, as they had initially proposed.

The waste in the acquisition of the right of way has not mattered as long as it pleases the President. I have documented that in 2020 alone 641 million pesos were spent and, as he himself said Jimmy Pons, in 2021 the figure reached 3 thousand million pesos. Didn’t they already have the right of way ready and that it wasn’t going to cost the town a penny?

By the way, the payment of the rights of way was through checks granted without control through the front company Barrientos y Asociados, accused of corruption. These checks are not in the government accounts and there are no certified accounts to be settled that guarantee the delivery of the amounts of money. Who were the beneficiaries or what accounts did they go to?

2.- Disdain for environmental regulations

Unlike 40 years ago, and to the annoyance of the 4T, there are environmental laws that must be complied with and that took many years to have, although now they are labeled as conservative and neoliberal.

I have documented that Fonatur has twisted and conveniently used the MIA decision, which became a dead letter thanks to collusion between Semarnat and Profepa. Despite promising that they would not cut down a single tree, they have cut down thousands and will affect wildlife, including the jaguar, an endangered species.

3.- Fictitious construction contracts

All the construction contracts established that the executive projects should be completed within a period of three months and we have spent almost 30 months and nothing at all, since what changes one day and another cannot be projected.

I remind you that Jimmy Pons, at the time, he answered me loudly that there would be no changes in the contracts, and I have already documented at least three modifying agreements, with everything and that the Works Law does not allow the raised prices to be modified in terms or in amount .

And I confirm that, given the obvious delay, the new instruction of Javier May for companies it is to build without an executive project and at the cost that is necessary. Quihuboles!

4.- Nonsense of incompetents

The President repeated the formula he did in CDMX with Sheinbaum building the second floors and ignoring César Buenrostro, taking advantage of the administrative chaos with the creation of Fimevic, which without rules did and undid as he pleased. Thus, it imposed on Fonatur, an institution created to operate marinas and promote the development of hotel zones, the responsibility of the Mayan Train, when it should have been a project of the SCT.

And so that the good people do not lose their taste for atole, Fonatur-Tren Maya was ‘created’, which in reality is a shell to which attributions have been attached, among others, the subcontracting of ‘expert’ personnel in railway matters, yes, through the damn… oh no, sorry, outsourcing!

Over three years, Jimmy Pons he diluted responsibilities, he accommodated what was recommended to him in managerial positions and that, by the way, abound throughout Fonatur, with neoliberal salaries, check:

Manuel Santiago Quijano, his ‘second’, with an annual income of $1,358,457, is said to be the one who filters the results of the ‘public tenders’.

Roger Francois Desdier Tello, an architect intern who sold kitchens in Morelos and is Deputy Director of Works, signing everything, with a humble annual income of $1,833,960.

Isis Jennifer Barba Cabrales, an upstart business graduate with a few years of experience in the Capital Comptroller’s Office, self-proclaimed expert in railway regulations, with an annual income of $1,230,685.

Laura Nohemi Munoz Benitez, a low-profile official, supposedly director of Development, in charge of all sections, with an annual salary of $1,511,778, without the slightest technical knowledge in construction and with arrogance at 120 percent. A jewel of an official.

By the way, surely it is by mere chance that these ‘official jewels’ emerged from the mayor of Tlalpan, in the administration of the regent Sheinbaum.

Labor injustice and exploitation

Perhaps the most deplorable aspect, which I also documented for you, has been the labor exploitation promoted by the Ministry of Labor itself. So I once again challenge Fonatur to make transparent the salaries it pays to the construction companies and those that they pay to the workers. They won’t be able to do it!


Now, in desperation and failure in sight, the slap on the table was to bring a pure stalwart, of Tabasco stock, with a high school degree and who, according to the Secretary of the Interior, does not need to be an engineer to direct the construction of the Mayan train.

What could possibly go wrong…again?