Wednesday, August 10

The OTOY Metaverse will be rendered with Solana

Within the realm of digital assets, there are organizations that are constantly working to provide users with performance facilities with improved environments. In the case of the OTOY Metaverse, it would be seeking to streamline the processes so that its implementation benefits the community of digital artists.

Jules Urbach, CEO of OTOY, recently spoke about a new initiative to drive development of the OTOY platform. Along with the Render Network, the Solana framework is kept in mind as an ideal environment to continue with the creation of the metaverse.

Platform preferences

At the Solana Breakpoint launch conference, Jules Urbach announced his intention to upgrade the Render Network, through a collaboration with the Solana blockchain. OTOY has shown interest in the benefits offered by this platform.

The firm saw aspects in Solana fundamental that would allow your GPU rendering network to operate efficiently. This, considering the ability to expand in the future. At the same time, Urbach said that it will be supported by Metaplex, a minting platform from NFT.

The OTOY Metaverse seeks ways to increasingly unify the digital world, facilitating the interaction of content creators.

He emphasized the goal of having the Metaverse work with full openness so that artists in the world of NFTs have an environment that is easy to program, secure and scalable.

Network improvements

With the integration of the Render Network to Solana, a change was made in the landscape to take the advantages that its blockchain offers. Urbach pointed out the ability that the new implementation would have to handle high-performance code without neglecting security.

He was drawn to the dynamism that the OptaneRender NFT ecosystem could acquire to streamline processes through network enhancements. He highlighted the participation of Metaplex in the plan to generate updates in real time, using the combined structure of GPU rendering.

In addition to this, the inclusion of more devices with which users can interact with the platform is proposed, such as Apple iPhones and iPads, for example.

Considering the arrival of an audience with different interests, the Render Network would be optimized to contain varied digital assets, gaining solidity and the trust of more artists. The OTOY metaverse, in conjunction with Solana, is expected to provide the stability necessary for an eventual decentralized expansion.