Monday, August 8

The overall incidence continues to fall and is already below 1,000 cases among young people

The 14-day incidence rate has registered a new drop this Friday and stands at 462.23 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. This is a jump of 21 points compared to Thursday, when the rate stood at 483.12 infections. This indicator falls below the barrier of 1,000 cases among young people under 30. The groups from 12 to 19 and from 20 to 29 had been above that threshold of incidence since the beginning of July, more than a month ago, and arrived to reach incidents above 1,600 cases.

The Ministry of Health has registered 15,657 new infections in the last 24 hours, which represents a decrease compared to Thursday, when 17,410 cases were reported. In total, 4,693,540 people have been infected by COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic.

The authorities have also reported 63 deaths, raising the global count of deaths since the start of the pandemic to 82,470.

The multiplication of cases of the fifth wave increases the hospital admissions of children

Hospitals have noticed an increase in the income of children due to COVID-19. These are very low figures, compared to other age groups, but the truth is that they have increased since the beginning of July. In the case of children under 9, the highest number of admissions, registered in September 2020, has been equaled. It is even more striking that in the hospital admissions of the age group that corresponds to pre-adolescents and adolescents (10-19) has reached the peak of the pandemic. Cantabria, Castilla y León and Madrid are the communities with the highest relative income for boys and girls up to 9 years of age.

Hospitals confirm the graphs. Dr. Cinta Moraleda Redecilla, member of the Spanish Society of Pediatric Infectology and secretary of the Cooperation Group of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, who works in the Madrid hospital 12 de Octubre, has verified an increase in income due to COVID-19 “in the weeks before “to August 4,” but it has already stabilized, “he says.