Friday, February 3

The owner of the ‘Villa de Pitanxo’ attributes the shipwreck to the blows of the sea after an engine stop

The Nores Group, the Galician fishing shipbuilding company Villa de Pitanxo He assures that the cause of the shipwreck was the blows of the sea that the boat received after running out of engine in the middle of a maneuver to turn the rig. This is the account of what happened by the boss, Juan Padín, one of the three survivors. In a statement, the shipowner explains that the main engine stopped “suddenly” and left the ship exposed to the wind and waves. The pounding of the sea “listed it and it sank very quickly,” she adds.

All the bodies recovered after the shipwreck of the ‘Villa de Pitanxo’ have been identified

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The shipwreck of the ship, based in Marin, occurred on February 15, about 450 kilometers from Newfoundland. Of the 24 crew members of the ship, three were rescued alive -in addition to Padín, his nephew Eduardo Rial Padín and the sailor of Ghanaian origin Samuel Kwesi-. The bodies of nine sailors were recovered: Rogelio Franco, Miguel Lumbres, Diego Andrés Moré, Daniel Fernando Moré, William Arévalo Pérez, Ricardo Alfonso Cruz Flores, José Antonio Cordero, Fernando Santomé and Apaanah Pelungo Zure. The other 12 men who were on board are still missing.

The families of the sailors whose body has not been found have not stopped demanding, since Canada deactivated the search device last Wednesday, that work be resumed as soon as possible. The area is expected to have a storm from Wednesday.

Responsible for the shipowner have had this Monday a meeting with relatives of the disappeared (the first formally convened with all of them) in the port of Marin. The company has told them that it is at their disposal to encourage the tracking to be restarted “and to find out the possible causes of the tragic accident.”

At the end of the meeting, which lasted more than two hours, the daughter of the chief engineer, María José de Pazo, insisted that “the priority today” is for them that the search means return to the area. Julio Torres, close friend of Samuel Kwesi, assured that the families have “reliable” information that there is relatively good weather right now in the area and asked that the decision to search for the disappeared be taken immediately.

Meanwhile, the plane that is going to repatriate the three survivors and the bodies of five of the deceased – the other four will be taken to Peru, where they were from – has delayed its departure from Canadian soil due to bureaucratic procedures. It was scheduled to arrive around 6:00 p.m. this Monday at the Santiago de Compostela military airport, but it will finally arrive around midnight. The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, who will meet before the aircraft lands with the relatives of the sailors, will travel there.