Saturday, March 2

The painting ‘Mata Mua’ will return to the Thyssen Museum on February 7

The kill mua by Paul Gauguin has a date of return to Spain. The jewel in the crown of the Carmen Cervera art collection, which was removed to Andorra last June as part of the negotiation of the rental of the Baroness’s collection, will return to the Thyssen Museum in Madrid this Monday, February 7 , as El País has advanced and this newspaper has been able to confirm by museum sources. He thus returns two days before the appointed day to sign the rental of the collection for 130 million euros over 20 years, an agreement agreed a year ago without the signature between the Ministry of Culture and the Baroness becoming effective.

No Culture expert has valued the Carmen Cervera collection for which a millionaire rent will be paid

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The already known “pact of the Moraleja” brought together Carmen Cervera and her lawyers, Ángel Acebes and José María Michavila, with the then Minister of Culture, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, on January 29, 2021. It took place after a long day in the Cervera mansion, to solve a problem that had been entrenched for a decade.

The movement of withdrawing the kill mua it was seen as a way of exerting pressure by the baroness, who has mentioned on numerous occasions that she has no liquidity —the collection is deposited free of charge— and she needs to dispose of her collection and be able to lend it. However, despite the fact that a millionaire rent will be paid for the Cervera collection, this newspaper revealed that the expense had not been audited or valued by the body that is dedicated to it in the Ministry of Culture: the Board of Qualification, Assessment and Export of Historical Heritage Assets.

Now Carmen Cervera’s idea is to sign the contract before the media and make a presentation of the kill mua as the new icon of the museum, with a new design of the rooms so that Gauguin’s painting, icon of the long-awaited agreement, competes in prominence even with The Paradiseby Tintoretto.