Friday, December 3

The Panamanian film industry resumes its growth with new filming locations

In recent years the film industry in Panama has evolved. The number of local and international productions has been increasing and this goes hand in hand with state support and private entities for art.

The National Director of Cinema of the Ministry of Culture, Sheila González, analyzed how the sector grew and valued the support of Panama Pacific for filming.

“The growth we see shows us that we are capable of projecting our cinema with a variety of stories that reflect our identity, the biodiversity we have,” said González.

González emphasized the importance of having a law that ensures the budget to be invested in the sector, Law 16 of April 17, 2012.

A fund of 3 million per year was created that the State grants to promote industry, training, support festivals and productions, and for the preservation of audiovisual and sound heritage ”, he explained.

Additionally, he highlighted the General Law of Culture approved in 2020, which allows increase the economic incentive for foreign companies that, under this law, make a cinematographic or audiovisual work in the country with an investment of more than $ 500 thousand.

To these attractive advantages to promote the industry, González added that the country has paradisiacal landscapes, good weather, commercial and banking facilities, state-of-the-art technology that promote the development of projects and promote film productions. In this context, the support of associations such as Panama Pacifico for filming and the advantages of doing it there was valued.

“This year we have managed, at the request of directors and producers, two filming permits for the filming of short films in two sectors of Panama Pacifico that had the setting they required,” commented the National Director of Cinema. It was a horror production and another to participate in the Star Wars Farm Film Festival, for fans of the saga.

“I’m sure there are many more locations that can be used there. These projects would not have been possible without the support of the entire Panama Pacifico team, who gave us the permits and quickly made them available. It is a first contact and hopefully there will be many more, it is a matter of sitting down and seeing what we can create and develop for the benefit of the national cinematography ”, added González, who valued the location and space of the area, which can be a great pole of investments for the industry.

“We encourage art, creativity and innovation in the community. We enable a sustainable environment to unleash human potential so that each and every one of us who are part of this ecosystem has the possibility of growing and developing the talents we possess. We are excited that the film industry recognizes the value of the natural beauty of Panama Pacifico and its sustainable environment, an environment that nurtures the people, families, and companies that decided to make Panama Pacifico their home “he added Henry Kardonski, CEO of Panama Pacifico.

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