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The Parker probe shatters its speed record: 587,000 km / h and getting closer to the Sun

NASA’s Parker probe has broken its speed record on its 10th flight near the sun. Thus, he consolidates his record as object created by the fastest human in the world, reaching a speed of 587,000 km / h at its closest approach to the sun. The thing will not end here, since it is expected that by 2024 it will reach 692,000 km / h.

163 kilometers per second

The Parker probe is the world’s fastest human-made object, having just smashed its previous record of 532,000 km / h to reach 587,000 km / h. It has done so in its tenth flight over the sun. This means that, at its closest approximation, it has managed to travel 163 kilometers per second: equivalent to going from London to New York in 34 seconds, for instance.

In December 2024, the Parker probe is expected to reach 692,000 km / h as it continues to approach the Sun.

Despite this spectacular figure, the speed of the Parker probe will continue to increase until 2024, until reach 692,000 km / h, scheduled for December 2024. The probe travels in an elongated orbit, propelling itself more and more with each turn around the Sun. It makes incursions within 6 million kilometers of the Sun, leaves to cool down and is propelled again to make the trip again .

The probe has a term shield that allows it to withstand temperatures of more than 1,300 degrees Celsius, to support the multiple approaches to the Sun.

this probe allows us to collect information about the Sun with increasing precision (as it gets closer and closer to the solar surface), sending the information to Earth through a protocol called Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking, a transmission system through which we receive data packets.

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