Wednesday, May 18

The Parliament activated the protocol for psychological harassment after a complaint against the former senior lawyer

On January 18, the Parliamentary Board activated the protocol for the prevention, detection, approach and resolution of psychological harassment after one of the members of the transparency body of the Catalan chamber denounced the attitudes of the former senior Antoni Bayona.

On November 25, 2021, the archivist Blanca Martínez sent a letter to the secretary general of the Parliament, Esther Andreu, presenting her resignation.

In the document, to which Efe has had access, the official accused Bayona of having reacted to her assessments in an “extemporaneous and disproportionate way, with vague but forceful accusations of not acting with impartiality and disloyalty.”

Martínez’s findings are related to the request for information from the Diari Ara in relation to the Parliament’s age licenses, which allow officials over 60 years of age to continue receiving their full salary without going to work.

Specifically, the archivist expressed discrepancies about the interpretation that Bayona made “of a specific point” of a resolution of the Commission for the Guarantee of the Right of Access to Public Information (OGDAIP), the Parliament’s transparency body, on that case.

Martínez pointed out that “this reaction is not typical of someone who belongs to a collegiate body, which as such must have the foundations of its work, debate and consensus, and which should base its operation on respect for people, their ideas and the freedom to express them.

“Given the situation described -he concluded before asking to be relieved-, I do not consider that the appropriate circumstances exist for a good development of the tasks entrusted to the body”.

A month later, Bayona resigned alleging that the OGDAIP “is not in a position to guarantee adequate compliance with the resolutions adopted on claims presented by citizens who have exercised the right of access to information before the Parliament.”

A week after it was agreed to activate the psychological anti-harassment protocol against him, the senior ex-lawyer sent a letter to all the members of the Table accusing the general secretary of the chamber, Esther Andreu, of hindering the work of the OGDAIP in relation to old licenses.

Hours later, in a statement, Andreu replied, denying these accusations and assuring that “the reason for the blockade” was “the attitude and behavior of the lawyer with respect to another member of that body.”