Sunday, September 19

The Parliament awards the Medal of Honor to the “victims of the repression” of 1-O

The president of the Parliament of Catalonia, Laura Borràs, has announced that the Parliament will award the Medal of Honor of the institution this year to all people “victims of repression and the general cause against independence” as a result of the 1- OR.

In a telematic appearance this Thursday, Borràs has affirmed that the Parliamentary Board, meeting on September 1 in Tornabous (Lleida), has agreed by majority to grant this year this recognition to those who “suffer persecution for defending the freedom of the citizens to choose the future “of Catalonia, with the will to accompany them institutionally, he said.

In addition, it has announced that next Friday, September 10, on the eve of the Diada de Catalunya, the Parliament will hold the award ceremony of this medal “in recognition of the pain suffered by thousands of reprisals” and that, subsequently, the medal will be deposited in the Museum of the History of Catalonia (MHC).

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