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The Parliament dismisses four advisers of Laura Borràs and the other two will work for the entire Table

The Bureau of the Parliament has dismissed four of the six advisers to Laura Borràs, having been suspended as president of the Chamber in application of the regulations, which oblige parliamentarians who have been subjected to oral proceedings for corruption to withdraw from office. The other two former advisers to the leader of Junts will now work for the entire Board.

Laura Borràs and the “trapis”, a fall in four acts

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The two advisers who remain in office, until now linked only to the presidency, will act as secretary of the Table, reports the Agència Catalana de Notícies (ACN). This is a decision made by the first vice president with the functions of president, the Republican Alba Vergés. The four dismissed are the most political and trusted profiles of Borràs, such as the chief of staff and the press officer.

The dismissal of the four advisers, which will be signed by Vergés, will take effect on September 30, that is, two months after the Board suspended Borràs. In recent weeks, the debate on the future of Borràs’ advisers had once again generated tensions between ERC and Junts.

The two technical advisers who continue will carry out functions related to the parliamentary agenda, institutional acts, the reception of hearings in the Chamber, the agendas of the Table and other tasks at the international level.

In a statement, the Parliament has reported that after a process to “identify the functions and needs” of the situation and after conducting personal interviews to seek “the fit” of the six Borràs positions of trust, it will remain as staff possibly two people from the team at the service of the entire Table.

The Table of September 13 already concluded that it would seek “solutions” to address the situation of the six Borràs advisers, suspended from her rights and duties as deputy and president of the Parliament. The Bureau said it would try to finalize the resolution “as soon as possible”, but without setting deadlines.

Temporary staff is regulated in article 39 of the statutes of the regime and internal government of the Parliament. It is made up of people who occupy a position considered to be of trust or special advice and appoints them by the institutional position on which they depend. This staff ceases automatically when the person who has appointed them ceases or when their dismissal is agreed.

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