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The parliamentary allies coldly receive the government crisis and demand that Sánchez comply with the agreements

“Is this remodeling due to the interests of the country or of the PSOE? The interests of the Prime Minister, those of the Secretary General of the PSOE or both at the same time?” The phrase of the Compromís deputy, Joan Baldoví, condenses quite well the analysis made by the Executive’s parliamentary allies after the profound remodeling carried out by Pedro Sánchez last Saturday. The groups that provided the necessary majority for the inauguration in January 2020 and, at the end of that same year, for the General Budgets have reacted to the government crisis with a certain coolness, without much fuss and reminding incoming ministers of the promises still unfulfilled. .

Housing, Budgets and Historical Memory: the immediate challenges facing the new Government

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Baldoví himself, from the press room of Congress, threw a dart at the Minister of Finance and, from now on, of Public Function, María Jesús Montero. “We do not understand that more attributions are given to him when he has been unable to solve the financing problem, as he promised in the investiture,” said this Tuesday the Valencian deputy, who for years has been demanding a thorough review of the system of distribution of state funds to communities and municipalities in the face of what is considered an under-endowment to their region.

Very similar terminology was used by the PDeCAT spokesperson to refer to the changes in the Government. “It is a renewal in key PSOE and its territorial lace,” said Ferrán Bel, to add: “We will have to see how the renewal that they will do in the party in the coming months affects the Government.” The Catalan deputy, who was mayor for many years, did congratulate himself on the arrival of ministers from the local sphere. And he showed his special surprise at the change of Miquel Iceta, who leaves Territorial Policy, and with it the management of the dialogue with Catalonia, to move on to Culture. “I hope it does not mean delays in the meeting of the dialogue table,” concluded the PDeCAT leader. Sánchez and Pere Aragonès agreed that the third week of September would be reactivated and had left the closing of the details in the hands of their teams.

“We understand that this remodeling is due more to internal key motivations of the PSOE, to the need to match the Government to the reality of the PSOE, than to the political action of the Executive itself.” The phrase with which the PNV received the government crisis does not leave much room for imagination either. The Basques were the first to react, on the same Saturday via a statement. And, as usual, with things very clear. First, to say that it will ensure “that the commitments acquired are fulfilled and that things work out.” Second, to offer his “collaboration” for the rest of the legislature.

Also on Saturday the Catalan Government pointed out what it expects from the new Executive through the mouth of its president, Pere Aragonès, which also serves to measure how the crisis has fallen in ERC. “What we hope is that the State-Generalitat bilateral commission scheduled for the end of this month of July can advance in what is the area of ​​investments and sectoral conflicts that are open,” said the head of the Catalan Executive. “And also that in the month of September, at the negotiating table, they organize as they want but that they bring a proposal for the resolution of the political conflict in the same way that we will carry the proposal based on amnesty and the exercise of self-determination” , he concluded. As if there had been no change of names. In fact, he stated that “the important thing is not how the government of the Spanish State is organized, but rather that the decisions that are absolutely necessary are made.”

And it is that, as in the PDeCAT, the change of Iceta by the Castilian-Manchega Isabel Rodríguez, also turned into the face of the Government, has surprised the Catalan interlocutors. The spokeswoman, who opened this Tuesday, has escaped the most committed questions, alluding to the short time she has been in the ministerial position, but she did make it clear about Catalonia that “there has not been a change of direction.” “It is about recovering a path of dialogue with a clear objective: to improve the coexistence of Catalan society,” he concluded.

Compliance with commitments

Same script for the second Basque Country game. “We will have to see if it fulfills commitments,” said EH Bildu spokeswoman in the Basque Parliament, Maddalen Iriarte. Among other milestones, Iriarte mentioned the repeal of the labor reform, one of the commitments that the PSOE acquired during the negotiation of the states of alarm and that the Executive has promised to have ready by the end of the year, although not in the form of repeal as such. , but as a whole new structure of the labor market.

To the left nationalist, the name of the new ministers, or that of the dismissed ones, is not relevant either. They care, said Iriarte, “what they do and what they are going to do.” In his opinion, the Government “needs Basque and Catalan independence,” so “it must continue along a path if it wants our support for the next few weeks, months and years, if necessary,” reports Efe.

Much more critical is the position of the Junts, which is not one of the central government’s allies, but plays a key role due to its presence in the Catalan Government. For the vice president of Carles Puigdemont’s party, Elsa Artadi, the replacement in the Executive is a “gesture of strength” by Sánchez who, he considers, brings little news about Catalonia beyond the replacement of Iceta, who did consider this Monday a problem already that “the most recentralizing theses of this Government are imposed.”

The rest of the smaller formations that accompany the Executive, from Mas País to the PRC, passing through Teruel Existe, have not yet offered their assessment of the government crisis, perhaps waiting to see where the new ministers breathe first.

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