Monday, March 4

The parties in favor of immersion plant ERC in their photo of support for the strike against 25% of Castilian

One of the pillars of the model of linguistic immersion in Catalonia, according to its defenders, has always been the political consensus it generates, but today not even the parties in favor of this system have agreed on a photo. The Minister of Education, Josep González-Cambray, announced this Tuesday that they would hold a brief act in the Parliament to support the strike called this Wednesday against the sentence of 25% of Castilian, but in the end only the ERC deputies and councilors, as well as President Pere Aragonès, have attended the call. The only non-republican exception in the photo has been the Minister of Health, Josep Maria Argimon, from Junts.

The judges affirm that 25% of Castilian does not harm families that request immersion

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The idea of ​​giving an image of unity in favor of this strike began to crack early in the morning, when the CUP issued a brief statement distancing itself from the Govern’s photo. “For us the photo is in the mobilizations, together with the educational community that today is the protagonist of a new day of strike”, they have expressed. “We will not endorse that the Government washes its face with more propaganda, while turning its back on the demands of the educational sector”, they have stated.

Without making it public with a statement, the Comuns, who are also in favor of defending immersion, had decided not to attend the call for the same reasons. Given this situation, the deputies of Junts at the last minute have also decided not to attend.

The unions maintain a strike called this Wednesday to demand that the Government not apply the sentence that knocks down immersion and forces at least 25% of the classes to be taught in Spanish. This strike is also part of a time of deep discomfort among teachers due to different measures approved by Education in Catalonia, such as the change in the school calendar, the new curricula or the lack of resources. Last week there were already three days of strike and for the following two more days are planned.