Saturday, November 26

The pedophile of the Maristas enters prison six years after confessing the abuses

He has rushed the term that Justice gave him, but the pedophile of the Maristas is already in prison. Joaquín Benítez entered this Wednesday at 8:15 p.m. in the Puig de les Basses de Figueres (Girona) prison to comply with the sentence of 21 years and 9 months in prison imposed on him by the Court of Barcelona, ​​as reported by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC).

The Court of Barcelona gave Benítez ten days on November 14 – which expired this Thursday – to enter the prison of his choice to serve the sentence that was imposed for abusing four students. Until now, the Justice had ruled out his entry into pretrial detention, but since his sentence was already final, the pedophile no longer had an alternative.

The admission to the Benítez prison closes a case that opened a complaint from the father of one of the victims and an investigation of The Newspaper of Catalonia in 2016. After the scandal broke, Benítez himself confessed to the abuse. But he could only be tried for four cases, since the rest of the abuses that he perpetrated for decades without the religious institution sanctioning him had already prescribed.

The final judgment in the case endorsed the victims’ account regarding Benítez’s abuses that had not prescribed. Both the Barcelona Court and the Supreme Court made it clear that Benítez used his position and his dominant position over minors to perpetrate the abuses.

“In all cases, the action occurred through the prevailing relationship of dependency and, at the same time, of ancestry, existing between the minors and the teacher,” the High Court ruled. For those togados, Benítez committed the abuses “in the context of a school relationship and for the most part clandestinely when teacher and students were alone.”

The Supreme Court also concluded that the school’s insurer should be responsible for compensation for a value of 120,000 euros to the victims directly and the private foundation that manages it in a subsidiary manner.

The judges remarked that all the attacks by the pedophile took place in his workplace: “The sexual abuse occurred in the academic field, within the facilities and school hours, when the author exercised his capacity as a teacher of minors, taking advantage of his ascendancy over them and the means and opportunity that the exercise of his academic activity offered him”.

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