Friday, September 22

The personal data of thousands of Glovo couriers and customers are sold on a hacker portal

The personal data of thousands of Glovo couriers and customers are available for sale on a website of hackersaccording to El Periódico has advanced and have confirmed company sources. “The information regarding the sale of data refers to unauthorized access to one of our systems last April 2021,” the delivery company responds to

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The auction of personal data reaches more than 37,000 riders of Glovo and around 5.7 million customers of the company, has published a Twitter account specialized in cyberattacks. According to the Newspaper, this data includes the full name of the distributors, as well as their ID, telephone numbers, emails, their bank accounts and addresses, among others.

From the home delivery company they explain that, when they learned of the massive data leak in April of last year, Glovo took “immediate measures, blocking unauthorized access.”

Glovo says there are no credit card numbers

“Although he was able to access IBAN numbers for a short period of time, he did not access any customer card data as Glovo does not save or store such information and all passwords are encrypted”; indicate in the company.

Now, once the personal data has gone on sale in this portal of the so-called ‘deep web’, from Glovo they maintain that they are “taking additional measures to eliminate them”.

“At Glovo we take data security very seriously. The investigation of this case was completed in 2021, and a full audit of the integrity of our systems was subsequently carried out.

The company with the yellow backpacks assures that it dealt with the leak with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD), to which it provided “all the information necessary for its investigation, which also concluded in 2021.”