Thursday, January 27

The photographer of ‘El País’ arrested during the protests of the procés sentence was acquitted

The criminal court number 8 of Barcelona has acquitted the photojournalist Albert Garcia, of the newspaper ‘El País’, tried for allegedly having pushed a national policeman in the protests against the judgment of the process of October 2019. The magistrate does not see enough evidence Not even a struggle between the police officer and the photographer was involved in this alleged attack, but rather a “grab” by the agent to catch the journalist.

Albert García was initially accused of a crime of attack and minor injuries, but the prosecution changed the first of the crimes to that of resistance and ended up reducing the request for a sentence – which was initially a year and a half in prison – to a fine of 4,800 euros.

According to the sentence, advanced by the newspaper ‘El País’, the magistrate explains that it has been based on the statements of the accused, the injured policeman and other policemen and journalists, but also on the videos of the moment of the events. Thus, at least one video denies the policeman’s version that the photojournalist gave him a push.

The judge also doubts the police version due to the fact that he said that he had arrested the journalist himself and that he continued working for a week before being on leave, despite the alleged hand injuries caused by the alleged push. In fact, not even that day did he see a doctor. “The fact of being discharged from work intervening in an action as complex and exposed as that of the disturbances resulting from the judgment of the procés, with the existing violence, is certainly incompatible with an injury such as the one objectified” by a subsequent medical report, he says sentence.

In one of the videos, the magistrate appreciates how the agent grabbed the journalist by the arm and needed the help of colleagues to reduce him to the ground. The accused, according to the magistrate, showed a “defensive position”. The alleged push by the journalist to the police officer was only reported by the victim himself and a colleague of his who said that his back was turned, while the videos and other witnesses did not see any of that. Therefore, the magistrate decrees acquittal.