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The pit of hell, the real Sarlacc in Yemen | Digital Trends Spanish

The geologists of the world are captivated by a phenomenon that occurs in the desert of Yemen, it is about the so-called Hell Pit, or also Barhout hole, its official name, and which has a history linked to legends and myths.

This geographical feature is located 1,300 kilometers from the capital of the country of the Arabian peninsula, Sana, and is actually a crater that is located in the desert of the province of Al-Mahra It is 30 meters wide and is estimated to be between 100 and 250 meters deep and is on the border with Oman.

Sarlacc in Yemen?

The tremendous hole reminds of the legendary Sarlacc, a well located in the Tatooine desert, where Jabba led Luke Skywalker to execute him alongside Han Solo, but where Boba Fett eventually fell.

Its main characteristic is as C-3PO says “in its belly is a new definition of pain and suffering as you are slowly digested through a thousand years”.


This is partly similar to the Hell Pit of Yemen, since the folklore of that country commented that in that hole the demons were punished for life with imprisonment.

But also the legends tell that people who pass by or objects in its perimeter can be sucked.

Alah Babhair, general director of the local authority in charge of the geological study and mineral resources, commented on some characteristics of the hole.

Hell Pit

“It is very deep. We have never reached the bottom of this well, there is little oxygen and no ventilation. We went to visit the area and entered the well. We reached a depth of more than 50-60 meters and we noticed strange things inside. We also smelled a funny aroma. It is very mysterious ”, commented the expert.

The only thing that is known with certainty is that the sunlight hardly enters and that the birds are almost the only ones that enter and leave its depths.

Yemen Hole

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