Wednesday, September 28

The pizzeria where some young women were identified as “gypsy table” dispenses with the worker

The person who identified the ticket for a table at Domino’s Pizza in Huesca as a “gypsy table” no longer works at the company since he has not passed the trial period.

As explained by the press department of the Alsea Europa company, to which the pizzeria chain belongs, this person was in his first week and has not satisfactorily passed the trial period.

The events took place last Sunday when two young people aged 25 and 26 residing in Huesca filed a claim form at the Domino’s Pizza pizzeria in Huesca after observing on the ticket that their table had been identified as a “couple of gypsy girls”.

From the press department they assure that this incident “should not have occurred” and that it does not correspond “to the way of working in restaurants, people in a restaurant should not be identified by their ethnicity, that is what the table numbers.

On Tuesday, the company issued a statement in which it assured that it “regrets, condemns and rejects the discriminatory treatment received by these two clients and expresses its most sincere apologies, to the people affected and to the entire Roma community, given the unacceptable attitude of one of the group’s employees.