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The places where UFOs are most observed in the United States | Digital Trends Spanish

We all have probably observed a UFO at some point. It is a unique event that can fascinate us because, as its name indicates, it is an object whose provenance we do not know.

This leaves open the possibility that that strange light that we see in the night sky comes from a remote place in our galaxy, and that idea is always exciting.

There are places on the planet where it is possible to observe UFOs with greater regularity, a situation that also occurs in the United States.

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These are some of the areas where more UFO sightings are registered in the North American country:

Roswell, New Mexico

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This site has been marked in the history of ufology and is one of the best known “hot spots” in the world.

The fame began on July 7, 1947, when the remains of an unidentified flying object were found at the Brazel family’s Foster ranch in Corona, Roswell region.

This discovery was so important that many experts claim it marked the beginning of modern ufology.

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Since that event, sightings have multiplied in the area, as have rumors, those that assure that the United States managed to rescue the body of an alien that today it keeps hidden in a military compound.

Pacific Coast Highway, California

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It is one of the most important highways in California. It has a characteristic design, which stands out for the route it takes through the mountains and impressive bridges such as that of Bixby Creek.

According to lovers of this theme, Highway 1 was the scene of the Battle of Los Angeles, starring a United States Air Force plane that chased and shot a UFO.

Thousands of strange object sightings have been reported since the middle of the last century. One theory claims that an underwater UFO base (also known as an osni or unidentified underwater object) hides in front of the highway.

Area 51, Nevada

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Another world-famous place, recently openly recognized by the United States (previously denying its existence).

Of course, the authorities denied that flying saucers were hiding in that military installation and that autopsies were carried out on extraterrestrials.

To get close to Area 51 you have to travel along Nevada State Route 375, which is popularly known as the Extraterrestrial Highway. The trail is near Groom Dry Lake, where a large number of unidentified flying objects have also been spotted.

The fame of the place is so great that there is even a kind of museum that houses a generous collection of objects and photographs related to the UFO phenomenon.

Phoenix, arizona

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This area was the scene of the phenomenon known as The Phoenix Lights, a massive event registered in March 1997 that allowed hundreds of people to observe strange lights in the sky.

According to witnesses, a group of lights could be observed that were grouped in a triangular shape. Later another event was recorded that consisted of a series of fixed lights that remained over the Phoenix area.

Local residents recorded similar events in 2007 and 2008. Since then, the sighting of lights has multiplied in the area, as well as the accounts of witnesses who assure that something strange happens in the sky of Phoenix.

Stephenville, Texas

Another site known for a massive light event. In 2008, several people witnessed a series of strange lights in the sky. The phenomenon became known as Stephenville Lights, which could even be followed live by CNN.

Doubts increased when the authorities confirmed that in those days no military device or vehicle flew over the area. However, days later, the government corrected its version stating that test flights had been carried out in that town.

So far the case remains open and it is unlikely that it will be known what happened, especially as the lights continue to appear on Stephenville.

Sedona, Arizona

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The state of Arizona is home to another place famous for UFO sightings. This is Sedona, a city in the middle of the desert, surrounded by red rock hills and steep-walled canyons.

UFO tours are held in the place for visitors who love the subject. The tours pass through the Bradshaw Ranch, which is supposed to have been seized by the government for being a vortex, a kind of portal between dimensions.

In Tripadvisor There are several alternatives that offer stargazing and canyon tours to observe UFOs.

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