Wednesday, November 30

The Plan Sareb movement protests at the FROB headquarters over the management model of the ‘bad bank’

The Plan Sareb movement launched a protest this Monday at the Madrid headquarters of the bank rescue fund (FROB) which, since this spring, has controlled more than half of the shares of the so-called bad bank.

The bad bank fiasco adds 35,000 million to the bill for a rescue that the PP said would not cost “a euro”

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The platform, at the doors of the FROB offices, has placed a giant poor man’s cardin protest at Sareb’s action model in the management of homes for people in vulnerable situations.

“But why a poor man’s card? Because for Sareb you have to POOR-POOR for them to move something. But poor in poor plan of the one that seems good to them, of the one that you do not know or why they consider it as such, ”explains the movement through Twitter.

“This is reflected in arbitrary and tremendously opaque criteria with which those of us who live in their homes are dizzy,” they add. “We come to ridiculous situations such as in the eyes of the services you are vulnerable but in the eyes of Sareb you are not”.

“But not only that, it is that they directly do not attend to those who do not fall into that bag. It does not matter if you live for rent, if you are in one situation or another, ”argues the movement. “Does not matter. It is totally arbitrary and opaque.” Sareb, they indicate, “Proposes individual negotiations, stalled, obscure… We, a collective bargaining with guarantees. And we have a Plan and many, many people to achieve it”.

And they recall other cases of action by Sareb, where rental contracts are not being renegotiated

Last year, Sareb registered 1,626 million euros in 2021, 51.5% higher than in 2020. The company explained in March that the losses corresponded to the fact that the company, with two thirds of its portfolio with accounting losses (8,627 million euros, 5% less than a year earlier), prioritized the orderly sale of assets without upward movement in value.