Tuesday, September 26

The plane that flew for hours on cooking oil as fuel | Digital Trends Spanish

Air travel emits a large amount of polluting gases into the atmosphere. For this reason, researchers have been searching for a more efficient method of combustion for several years.

It is possible that all this time of work has paid off, since an Airbus aircraft has just made a flight with fuel made from used cooking oil. According to a statement issued by the company, the Airbus A380 test aircraft took off from a runway in France and made a three-hour flight on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

The company noted that the fuel used for the flight was made primarily from used cooking oil and other residual fats. The SAF is capable of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by at least 75 percent when compared to traditional fuel. According to an Airbus spokesman, it “has a characteristic cooking oil smell.”

Another important element is that all Airbus air vehicles are certified to fly with fuels composed of up to 50 percent SAF. Thus, if it manages to be produced on a massive scale, it could mark an important change in commercial flights and in its impact on the environment at a global level.

Airbus is the largest and most important aeronautical company in Europe, with more than 130,000 employees and 720 aircraft, which means that the company will need a large amount of reused cooking oil to generate its greener fuel.

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