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The playability of the new eFootball is full of criticism | Digital Trends Spanish

The first gameplay trailer for eFootball, Konami’s new soccer game that takes the place of the classic PES, came through a video of an event in China. And the reactions of those who saw it have not been the most positive, but on the contrary: the gameplay was received with quite negative reviews.

Although it was a video recorded pointing a screen at an event held in China, the 11 minutes of footage was enough for fans – and not so fans – of the game to be somewhat disappointed by Konami’s proposal.

This is because the game does not look very good in certain relevant aspects, such as the rhythm of the games in general or some animations. Many players seem to be skating on the playing field and there are also several graphical errors that persist since the first public test a few months ago.

A modder of the old PES He expressed, quite eloquently, his insights in a Twitter thread:

Here is the clip that sums up some optimization issues. The half-time cutscene lag and the audience really seems to be 5 fps. We can still see a big issue too: The last transition shows again the players at the end of half-time and then back onto the pitch! ­čśĽ

& mdash; Durandil PES (@ Durandil67) September 7, 2021

It is not very clear what platform the game was running on (it is believed that PlayStation 5, given the short load times) and it is also not clear if this is the final version that Konami will release or if it is still a previous beta with still elements to be seen. refine.

But what is clear is that eFootball it has a lot to improve to have a chance to green laurels. And the beginning is not auspicious, considering that Konami has already warned that the game that opens on September 30 is going to be not much more than a demo, with a handful of teams and stadiums to choose from and with a very limited number of game modes.

The rest of the components of eFootball they will be added over time and that includes mobile versions. Precisely the latter is the great fear of PES users: that eFootball be nothing more than a mobile game full of micropayments that, coincidentally, ends up being launched on consoles.

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