Friday, February 3

The PNV assumes having to “counteract a certain image of cronyism” in its management of Basque institutions

The PNV, the main Basque party, has presented this Monday the conclusions of a triple listening exercise that it has been carrying out since 2021 to update itself as an organization, called Entzunez Eraiki. It has pressed the militancy, yes, but also society and experts. The latter have concluded – and this is stated by the party itself in the final document by Entzunez Eraiki – that the PNV “is not a party associated with corruption” but “must counteract a certain image of ‘cronyism’ that has been able to permeate after so many years of public administration.

Teodoro González de Zárate, a Republican mayor who was shot and remembered by Vitoria with historical inaccuracies


This point appears in the “areas for improvement” section and in which the PNV also assumes that it offers an image of “conservative” training. “They do not attribute to us the character of a modern and socially committed party,” the document can be read. He is also blamed for few concretions in green politics, for example. The experts, yes, ponder that the PNV “sends solid, stable and reliable messages”, particularly in the economic sphere, and that it “brings sparks” to its status as a “hinge party” in Madrid.

The party, yes, puts on the medal that society sees as an acronym of “good reputation.” “We are trustworthy. This trust is mostly associated with the institutional role as maker of public policies, largely successful. […]. We are the ones who best defend the interests of Euskadi”, concludes the PNV, which asserts its “utility”, its “firmness” in defense of the Basque language, its condition of pact. Xabier Barandiaran, the leader who has led the process, has also stressed that the militancy is asking for “less ties and fewer shirts”, that is, an organization more attached to reality. “Be careful, do not fall asleep”, Barandiaran has recounted as a summary of the warnings received. The PNV has always been very aware of how its old ally in Catalonia, CiU, has broken up. Likewise, after the presentation of candidacies emphasized the need to feminize institutional positions in a territory that has never had a woman as lehendakari, deputy general or mayoress of the capital, now the lack of diversity is assumed. “We have to open the party to migrants. You don’t see people of a different color in the party”, stated Barandiaran.

The PNV, at the gates of the start of a very electoral 2023 with municipal, regional and general elections, has wanted to show muscle and social implantation with this process. The event, held on Monday night in Bilbao, was attended by the party’s senior staff, yes, but also by the main institutional positions, headed by the lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu. Andoni Ortuzar has indicated that the document contains a real photograph of the match, without retouching or Photoshop to come out more handsome and slimmer“. And he added: “We want to be on the side of good politics, the one that is with the people and wants to solve their problems.”

Ortuzar has affirmed that they transform the flow of contributions into a decalogue of “commitments” with society. It is up to the PNV to “activate internal” organic life, “intensify” its contact with civil society, bet more on Euskera or even “seek a greater Navarridad” by assuming that it has spoken a lot and “listened little” to Navarra. The organization barely has 300 members although, within Geroa Bai, it presides over Parliament, for example, with Unai Hualde, and has had advisors in the last two legislatures. They are also betting on giving more support to the party in Iparralde, also known by its acronym in French, PNB.

The party, in the act, has given voice to some of the experts and citizens who have collaborated in Entzunez Eraiki. Eunate Ramírez has spoken about Miguel, businesswoman. “How real has Entzunez Eraiki been?”, they have asked him. “Well real, real. I can attest that it was real. Everything real that a political party raises. Real 100%. The politicians were there totally silent, taking notes. There you realize that you have been called to contribute your opinion ”, she has responded after declaring herself not linked to politics or the party. Those present at the event, Olatz Yarza and Álex Sevilla, have asserted that people have been summoned “regardless of their political affiliation.” They have indicated that 1,500 militants have been questioned and that there have been dozens of work meetings, also in Navarra and Iparralde.

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