Friday, August 12

The PNV does not end the negotiation on Budgets although it supports them in the first votes

The PNV spokesman in the Congress of Deputies, Aitor Esteban, wanted to make it clear this Wednesday that the negotiation with the Government to approve the Budgets has not yet completed. “We have not closed a global agreement,” Esteban specified at a press conference. “We still have issues that interest us and we want to discuss,” he assured, recalling his demand to agree with the Executive on the arrival of the AVE to the Basque capitals.

EH Bildu will vote in favor of the Government Budgets after making the “social shield” “permanent”

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In any case, Esteban has insisted on the achievements made in the negotiation: “We have achieved improvements in R + D + i, in infrastructures and the transfer of the Minimum Vital Income”. But the Basque nationalists want to stretch the negotiations, even when the accounts – which already have the necessary support – go ahead in Congress and go to the Senate. “The processing is done in both chambers,” Esteban said at a press conference.

In reality, the six PNV deputies are already supporting the Government in the first votes of the General State Budgets. The Basque nationalists have supported all the transactional amendments that the Executive has reached in the first vote in plenary session of the accounts, the result of which was known this Wednesday. “For now we have reached agreements and we are supporting the processing,” Esteban has specified.

The PNV’s lack of concreteness comes less than 24 hours after ERC announced that it will vote in favor of the Budgets and, with its thirteen supports, it will assure the Government of the approval of the new accounts.

The accounts already go to the Executive

Republican votes were also added to four from PDeCat, which also announced its vote in favor on Tuesday, at 5 from EH Bildu, 2 from Más País, one from Compromís, another from PRC and one more from Nueva Canarias that They have also confirmed their support.

This same Wednesday, the deputy of Teruel Existe, Tomás Guitarte, also announced his support for the accounts. In sum, all these endorsements, together with those of the parties that support the Executive – PSOE and United We Can – therefore reach 182 seats, surpassing the absolute majority of the Congress of Deputies.