Tuesday, March 28

The podcast Movidasvaries, by Quan Zhou, available from this Thursday on elDiario.es

This Thursday, February 17, we welcome you to elDiario.es various moves, Quan Zhou’s podcast. Known online as Gazpacho Agridulce and a columnist for elDiario.es, Quan Zhou (Algeciras, 1989), is an author, illustrator and graphic novelist.

Various Movidas is a fortnightly podcast produced by Plan H Mediumin which current issues are approached from a different perspective “beyond what mainstream”, “in an educational-festive, anti-racist and intersectional tone” and by the hand of different guests.

Its author debuted in 2015 with her first graphic novel, sweet and sour gazpacho. A Sino-Andalusian autobiography, edited by Astiberri. In 2017 he published his sequel also in Astiberri, Andalusians around the world. Sweet and sour gazpacho 2, and in 2018, together with Nuria Labari, he launched The Great Book of Extraordinary Children, this time at the Silonia publishing house. His latest work is People from here, people from there (Astiberri, 2020).

After giving a multitude of presentations, participating in round tables on racism and identity in Spain and collaborating in various media and podcasts, he decided to launch various Movidas because he had a lot to tell. Now, starting this Thursday and every 15 days, you can listen to it at elDiario.es.

Welcome, welcome and welcome to various Movidas!


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