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The Podemos-IU coalition asks Revilla to respond in these two weeks if he is going to agree with the PP after 28M

The coalition of Podemos and Izquierda Unida has asked the president of Cantabria and PRC candidate for re-election, Miguel Ángel Revilla, to respond in these two weeks before facing the polls on May 28 if he is going to agree with the PP to form Government. This has been conveyed by both the candidate of the coalition in Cantabria, Mónica Rodero, and the national spokesperson for Podemos, Isabel Serra, who has accompanied the regional and municipal leaders in an act held this Saturday in Renedo de Piélagos.

Serra has addressed Revilla to convey to him, first of all, that it is “a mistake to buy the agenda of the right” and that, if out of “fear” of it he renounces left-wing policies, the “only thing he does is promote his Advance”. Furthermore, she has asked him if she “really wants to avoid the right”. “I think it is decisive that in these two weeks she answers the question of whether she is going to agree with the PP”, she has sentenced.

And it is that the spokeswoman for Podemos has warned that the formation wants to be a “government force” and “is not satisfied with being a leg of a force like the PSOE”, so that it bets in the next elections to enter the institutions in those that are not, such as the Government of Cantabria, to be “determinant” in a coalition that makes left-wing policies to defend the rights of the social majorities. In addition, she wants to reach the municipalities, because it is from them that “we can transform the whole country.”

Serra has highlighted the importance of these elections because they will help citizens decide if the Podemos-IU can revalidate its arrival in the governments in the previous elections and if it is “one point and followed” in its objective of “democratizing the institutions” and do it from the defense of rights and from feminism. “We have two weeks to convince the whole world that these are the decisive candidacies for us to continue advancing” and that her political project is the one that opens the door to “the best” for the population, she said.

At this point, he has referred to “all the progress” made by Podemos since his arrival in the central government, such as a Housing Law that is “especially important” and that it would be “impossible” if the party, although he has indicated that “we must do even more” to curb the “speculative model that prevails in the country” around real estate.

He has also opted to regulate tourist apartments, because “our cities are not theme parks for tourists”, and he has criticized the recent government announcement regarding ICO guarantees for home purchases. “If Vox, the PP and Ana Patricia Botín applaud this measure, it is that it benefits the banks and not the people,” he highlighted. In addition, Serra has transferred the proposal of Podemos to create public supermarkets with fair prices and producers who do not work at a loss.

Pact with the PRC

For her part, the regional candidate has trusted that her team will be “the transformative force that is going to change Cantabria” after a “totally lost” legislature in which the population has been put back “to the limit of social exclusion”. . And after reviewing the existing problems in areas such as health, with one of the highest waiting lists in Spain; or industry and employment, alluding to recent complaints from Sidenor or Digitex workers; Mónica Rodero has shown herself willing to form part of a government with Revilla’s PRC because “we know that we have the strength to turn politics around.”

“We have already said who we are going to agree with”, but “who is he going to agree with?”, he questioned, asking the regionalist if he will ally himself with the PP. “Let him say it to know on the 28th which way we are going” In addition, he regretted that in the current legislature “we have the fascists in Parliament” and he has opted to “work so that they disappear, because they are not democrats”.

Both Rodero and the number two of the Podemos-IU candidacy, Carmen Martín, have conveyed their intention to reach the Chamber so that “they talk about what really matters”, such as the problem of access to housing instead of the ‘squat’. In addition to the national spokesperson for Podemos and the regional leaders, the numbers one and two of the coalition’s candidacy in Piélagos, Rubén Madrazo and Pablo Lobo, who have announced the proposals of their program for the municipality, have participated in the act , referring to areas such as mobility, public transport, the remunicipalization of services or the solution to demolition sentences.

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