Friday, September 24

The Police arrest a senior official of ‘La Prensa’ after the raid in the middle



Nicaraguan Police has arrested this Saturday the general manager of the newspaper ‘La Prensa’, Juan Lorenzo Holmann, after the search this Friday of the headquarters of the opposition newspaper and the start of an investigation against the media for alleged “crimes of fraud and money laundering.”

During the day, the manager traveled to the headquarters of the Judicial Assistance Directorate in his own vehicle at around 03:00 a.m. (local time) to sign some documents and hours later the Nicaraguan authorities confirmed his arrest.

In a statement, the police have explained that they are investigating Holmann for the same reasons that the company he runs is being investigated.

The authorities accessed the media’s facilities on Friday to conduct a raid, where journalists and collaborators were held incommunicado and cut off access to the Internet and servers for hours.

Just this Thursday, ‘La Prensa’ has denounced that they would stop circulating their paper copies because the General Directorate of Customs of Nicaragua keeps the raw material owned by the newspaper in custody, which would be related to the investigation into the media .

Regarding this issue, Ortega declared this Saturday that the medium has done a “business” with paper as well as that he has lied that he does not have this material. “We are going to see if that newspaper would be willing to print all the electoral ballots for free for all the benefits they have received all these years,” he said in an act according to ‘La Prensa’.

“How much of this paper has been dedicated to this newspaper and how much to do business,” he has questioned as well as accused the media of not paying taxes.

Several countries and international organizations have condemned the registration of ‘La Prensa’ as well as the wave of arrests of opponents carried out by the president, Daniel Ortega, months before the November 7 elections.

Likewise, the secretary of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, has demanded “information on Holmann’s situation.” “We condemn the continuous attacks on freedom of expression in Nicaragua,” he said on his Twitter account.

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