Sunday, March 26

The Police arrest one of the assailants of the Lorca plenary session and investigate well-known livestock businessmen in the area

The Local Police of Lorca has made the first arrest among those suspected of having participated on Monday in the violent assault on the municipal building where a plenary session was being held. The arrested person, whose identity has not been revealed, is the first of a large group that both the Local and National Police are investigating and among whom there would be known cattle ranchers in the area.

The news of the arrest advanced by the newspaper La Verdadcomes just 24 hours after the events occurred, in which a mob of protesters violently entered the municipal facilities, pushing the agents and, in some cases, throwing them to the ground.

For its part, Cadena SER ensures that the detainee would have delivered and he would be the only one who came to directly attack a police officer.

Its objective was to prevent the vote on a motion to modify the municipal ordinance on the distances and conditions in which new pig farms could be reformed or opened. Several eyewitnesses have also referred to how the assailants hurled insults and threats at the municipal authorities.

The Security Forces are studying the security and media recordings, in which it can be seen how those summoned push both Local Police and National Police agents and gain access to the facilities.

In statements to La Verdad, police sources assure that in the next few days there will be “novelties” and that before announcing them “everything must be very well tied.”