Saturday, July 31

The police ask Antonio López for papers for painting in the Puerta del Sol: “It could be Van Gogh or it could be whoever”

One of the most important contemporary Spanish painters, Antonio López, has decided to take up a painting that began 11 years ago in the central Puerta del Sol in Madrid. The artist travels to kilometer zero of the capital when the heat allows it, so he has attracted the attention of curious and admirers who have claimed to have been waiting for several hours for his appearance. He defines himself as an artist “who paints what he sees” and who likes to work surrounded by people, as he has told the journalist Óscar Castellanos de Public mirror.

But his activity has been interrupted by the appearance of two agents of the Municipal Police who have requested the documentation. “I don’t have to know who it is. It could be Van Gogh or whoever it is” – one of them snapped, generating the indignation of those present. Later, the video has gone viral because of his way of addressing the mythical representative of hyperrealism. They have excused themselves on the grounds that they do their routine work. However, it has not been the first time that he has had an encounter of this type with the local body. Despite the fact that the Gran Vía was his study, a policeman spent several days asking him for permission until he got tired and left him alone.

The painter tries to capture this time the view towards Canalejas Street and the Carrera de San Jerónimo, which, as he has expressed, is complicated by not being able to put marks on the ground, since it forces him to take new references every day which affects to the dimensions of the frame. Antonio López does not dare to venture whether this time he will be able to finish the work that began in 2010 and that he himself transfers to the Palacio de Correos every day.

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