Monday, September 20

The Police attribute crimes of “ideological hatred” to eight young people from Seville who in 2017 did not let the HazteOir transphobic bus circulate

The Provincial Information Brigade of Seville, dependent on the General Directorate of the Police, has prepared a report at the request of the Court of Instruction number 16 in which it attributes alleged crimes of ideological hate, among others, to eight young people from Seville who did not leave circulate to the HazteOir transphobic bus on March 29, 2017 for its messages against the recognition of transsexual minors and its motto ‘If you are born a man, you are a man. If you are a woman, you will continue to be so, don’t be fooled ‘.

Prosecutor’s Office and HazteOir manage to reopen the case against nine young people from Seville accused of damaging their transphobic bus

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The case was initially archived but, a year and a half ago, the resources of the Prosecutor’s Office and the ultra-Catholic organization managed to get the Seville Court to reopen it for the material damage attributed to the young people, to whom the Police now he puts in the spotlight with a detailed report where, in addition to his alleged performance on this day, he reveals his links with various groups or associations, and which he classifies as “far-left anti-fascist activists.” The more than 130-page report includes the minutes of viewing images from the media, from various social media profiles, with countless photographs from that day, and reviews the activist trajectory of the young people investigated.

The court had asked the Police, in May 2019, a “physiognomic study in order to identify each of those investigated in the recordings, describing the identity of each one and their participation in the events.” Instead, beyond identifying them, the Information Brigade is committed to developing “a more complete investigation to confirm or rule out a possible hate crime for ideological reasons.” In this sense, he recalls the account of the events, where nine people were already identified and proposed for punishment, who testified in October 2017. One of these young people died last March.

“Ideological discrepancy”

In addition to concluding that the facts “constitute” crimes of damages, public disorder and against road safety, the Police stop at “the existence of an alleged hate crime of an ideological nature” based on some “indicators used to prove ideological affiliation of the participants “such as the” relationship of the investigated with groups or associations characterized by their hatred or animosity or hostility against other ideological groups “, the” historical enmity between the victim and the alleged culprits “, the” police record of the investigated “,” tattoos, costumes or aesthetics of the author of the events “, the” analysis of their profiles on social networks “, etc. Along these lines, he concludes that “the only motivation for the events lies in the different ideology between the perpetrators of the events and the victim organization, and the hatred that this ideological discrepancy provokes in them.”

It is recalled at the beginning of the report that the announcement of the arrival of the bus the city of Seville “unnerved the spirits of groups and activists in favor of the LGTBI struggle and feminists, as well as anti-fascist far-left activists.” The indications of the Police Intervention Unit “had to interpose themselves between the concentrates and the bus to avoid more incidents,” they report, recounting the facts attributed to each of the alleged participants.

“By virtue of these facts” this Instruction sees indications of the existence of a possible hate crime, in addition to the crime of damages, by suspecting the existence of an ideological hate motive behind said damages, “the Brigade’s report states. Provincial of Information, which explains that it ordered the location of all available graphic documents of the events and proceeded to an “exhaustive search in open sources, social network accounts or media.”

“The world upside down”

One of the young women is identified as the person who threw a stone at the bus, another as the author of a graffiti on one of its sides, others for throwing eggs at the bus, another for breaking the moon, another for breaking the windshield wiper, etc. “It was not an individual action but we are facing an organized and premeditated action,” says the report, which links three of those investigated with the disappeared Kolectivo Antifascista Obrero de Sevilla, which emerged in February of that year 2017. It also points out the Police that “there are numerous police records that relate to anarchist, anti-fascist and extreme left groups” in Seville in another three investigated. The other three defendants would have no antecedents, according to the report.

In the opinion of Luis de los Santos, lawyer for the Rights Al Sur cooperative defending one of those investigated, “the Police dares to legally qualify as a hate crime the attitude of said protesters (?!) and of course, to corroborate how bad and how red they are, they insert the meetings and groups to those who belong or have belonged in recent years, all with the aim of influencing the judge and passing a sentence in accordance with the purposes of the transphobic sectors that exist in our city and that do not support the defense of freedoms. ” “The world upside down: accused human rights protesters and protesters with hate speech presented as victims,” ​​he says.