Monday, August 8

The Police capture the two involved in the theft of the 45 bottles of wine from the Atrio restaurant

The two suspects involved in the theft of 45 bottles of wine –valued in total at more than 1,648,500 euros and one of them at 310,000 euros– from the popular hotel restaurant Atrio de Cáceres have been arrested this Tuesday. The National Police has managed to locate and identify the man and woman responsible for the robbery when they entered Croatia from Montenegro, through the Karasovi Sutorina border post, as reported by the body. There they have been detained by the authorities of that country based on the arrest warrants requested by the Police.

The identities of the detainees have not yet been revealed, but it is known that the man had two other arrest warrants issued by Madrid courts.

The Police have detailed that the location of those involved was difficult since a few days after the robbery, perpetrated on October 27, 2021, they left Spain and their high mobility and roaming made it impossible to know their exact whereabouts. They have also indicated that both had great professionalism, specialization and perfect planning of the robbery and that they visited the hotel restaurant up to three times before finalizing their plan to carry out a preliminary study of the place.

According to the police investigation, the woman stayed at the hotel formalizing the reservation with a false Swiss document. After dinner at the restaurant, she and her accomplice visited the winery invited by the staff. This was standard practice with clients.

After that, they went up to the room assigned to them and just a few minutes later the subject left the room to go to the basement where the cellar is located. Aided by a master key, he entered and removed the bottles, which he later placed in three backpacks. To protect them, he used towels from the room where they were staying.

At the same time, the woman distracted the employee with the excuse of preparing something to eat even though the kitchen was already closed.

The owners of the Atrio restaurant have received the news with optimism because “no one was betting that they would be caught”, so it is “an advance”, according to sources close to them. However, “that this opens the doors for the bottles to be found is difficult,” they assume.

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