Wednesday, December 7

The police command dismissed for fueling xenophobic hoaxes was hired by the leader of Spain 2000 to teach at his academy

Ricardo Ferris, until last Friday chief inspector of the Valencia Center police station, was dismissed by the General Directorate of the Police after the xenophobic messages he spread in an event organized by Vox were made public and in which he assured that “practically all of the detainees made by the Police and the Civil Guard are foreigners”. However, this was neither the first nor the only ‘flirtation’ of Ferris with the extreme right.

A police command feeds the hoax in a Vox act: “Practically all criminals are foreigners”

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As the newspaper has advanced Raise-EMV, the former chief inspector of the Valencia Central Police Station was responsible for preparing the aspiring National Police officers at the Levantine Academy, owned by the leader of the Spain 2000 ultra formation, José Luis Roberto. According to Roberto’s own statements to Raise-EMVFerris was responsible for the psychological part and the preparation of the tests that the applicants for police officer must pass in the oppositions.

Ferris investigation

As published by, Ferris is the subject of reserved information, prior to the possible opening of a disciplinary file. This is a preliminary investigation to determine if there are indications of regulatory misconduct. If so, the Disciplinary Regime appoints an instructor and a secretary who open the file and conclude, after months of investigations, in a proposal to file or sanction for minor, serious or very serious misconduct.

The police command assured in the talk organized by Vox that “practically all” of those detained by the National Police and the Civil Guard “are foreigners”, a statement that contradicts the statistics of the Central Registry of Prisoners, which establishes a proportion of three Spaniards for each citizen of foreign nationality convicted -of the 410,842 crimes recorded in Spain in 2021, 308,969 were committed by people of Spanish nationality while 101,873 were the work of foreigners-.

Another of Ferris’s statements was: “All those who come in small boats are ex-prisoners, they just got out of jail and they are coming here and we can’t explain how. Not only criminals and ex-convicts are arriving in Spain from Algeria”.