Tuesday, November 29

The Police command dismissed for launching immigration hoaxes announces a new project and attacks Marlaska

The chief inspector of the National Police, Ricardo Ferris, dismissed from his post at the head of the Valencia police station for launching hoaxes about immigration, has decided to move to second activity, a situation in which the agents do not provide active service. In a letter to his colleagues, to which elDiario.es has had access, Ferris does not announce what his new projects are, although he warns: “I am going to confront the minister and his decadent environment.”

The police command dismissed for fueling xenophobic hoaxes was hired by the leader of Spain 2000 to teach at his academy

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“Don’t worry, I feel very serene, and don’t worry about me, I am not a victim, nor do I have a vocation to be a martyr, I am a police officer, so I am going to confront the minister and his entire decadent environment, responding to all and each one of his attacks and defamations with all the forcefulness that he deserves, yes, from now on from other different trenches”, collects the letter.

After saying in an act organized by Vox that “practically all” of the criminals are foreigners, the General Directorate of the Police removed him from his position as head of the Valencia Police Station, which did not correspond to him by rank – it must be occupied by a commissioner and Ferris is a chief inspector– and in which he was on secondment, a formula for an exceptional, temporary and freely appointed destination.

In the letter, Ferris announces that he requested his pass to the second activity last Monday night and for it to be effective as of this Tuesday, the 31st. The second activity will allow Ferris to dedicate himself to the activity he wishes and he would only need to request compatibility for professional security-related work.

Vox has publicly supported the chief inspector since the controversy arose due to his words and has provided his legal services to defend himself from the disciplinary file, a procedure that can be applied again due to the content of the letter and any other statement. to do while in second activity.

The letter is addressed to the colleagues of Jupol, the union to which Ferris is affiliated, who also made their lawyers available to the police, as police unions do with their members whenever they are the subject of a disciplinary file or a criminal investigation. “I will never live long enough to thank Jupol and all of you for all the support you have given me and I plan to express it to all the media that are within my reach,” says Ferris in the letter. .

“I also want to thank all the police officers with whom I had the opportunity to work for everything you have taught me throughout my professional life. I hope you feel as proud of me as I feel of you. You already know that being a real police officer is the best job in the world, and I’m going to continue patrolling with you daily, even if it’s in spirit. I will continue to belong to Jupol for the rest of my life, and you have more than shown me that (sic) that in this family no one fights alone. I do not say goodbye with a goodbye, but with a see you soon, and a more than, and a more than emotional hug for everyone, “adds the letter.

Ferris’s statements at the event organized by the Vox parliamentary group in the regional chamber and the ultra Denaes association are false. In 2021, 410,842 crimes were committed in Spain. A total of 308,969 were committed by Spaniards and the rest (101,873) by foreigners. Of these foreigners, 32,696 are of African origin, a lower proportion than those from Latin America. In total, according to these same data, there were 282,210 people sentenced, of which 212,259 were of Spanish nationality and 69,951 were foreigners. The data is also not true going down to the detail of the Valencian Community where he works: there were 34,927 convicted, of which 25,751 were Spanish and 9,176 were foreigners.