Monday, October 18

The Police detain 44 people after altercations and robberies in a macro-bottle in the Parque del Oeste in Madrid

The National Police arrested 44 young people at dawn this Sunday during a macro-bottle in the Parque del Oeste in Madrid, after violent altercations and new robberies of adolescents who were gathered there. It is the second consecutive night in which many people gather in this area, in the Moncloa district, through social networks. In the early hours of Saturday there were another 12 arrests.

Around 2 in the morning of this Sunday, members of the National Police went to the Parque del Oeste because several people were starring in public disorder, sources from the Higher Headquarters of the National Police have informed Efe. When the officers arrived, several groups of people began to throw bottles and other objects.

After these altercations, the Police have arrested 12 people for robbery with violence, four of them minors, another two people for an attack against the authority, five for a tumultuous fight and 21 for public disorder.

After this intervention with numerous detainees, around 4 in the morning the altercations resumed, when the agents tried to dissolve several groups of young people who were still congregated drinking alcohol in the park. Several of them began throwing bottles and other objects at the police again, forcing the officers to use riot gear, launching canisters of smoke and firing salvoes into the air, without ammunition.

After the altercations, four young people were arrested for public disorder and damage to urban furniture. Several young people have been treated by members of Samur-Civil Protection for falls, alcohol poisoning or minor injuries.

There have been no incidents in another area of ​​the capital during the early hours of this Sunday, nor in the parties of the Pilar neighborhood, where the night has been quiet, nor in the Berlin park, although an increase in the bottles with respect to the early hours of Saturday, according to sources from the Madrid Municipal Police.

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