Friday, December 3

The Police detain a man in Cartagena for keeping his two nieces kidnapped for eight years

A man was arrested this Friday in Cartagena for allegedly keeping his two nieces kidnapped for eight years, as reported by Europa Press. The National Police arrested him this morning in the Murcian town, where he also lived with his two daughters since he arrived in Spain in 2020. After going to court, he has entered prison.

According to Europa Press, the investigation began in September 2020, when a local NGO filed a complaint with the Police because four women in the same family lived “in full submission” to the man. Police sources cited by the agency report that these four women only interacted with others from the NGO and always did so with the detainee in front of them, who had to approve the questions they were asked before they responded.

Likewise, the agents assure that the main foods – vegetables or fruit – were kept in the man’s room, who was the one who decided how they were administered. Therefore, all four women showed signs of malnutrition. In addition to food, the detainee restricted their access to television and radio, which he withdrew from the house because, according to him, “they did not need to have any contact with the outside world.”

The detainee left his home country, Yemen, in 2014 with his daughters and nieces. After this, they spent years living in different countries: it started in Malaysia; then he went to South Korea, where he stayed for 15 days; and then to Indonesia, where he lived for a year. Later, he went to Ecuador, where he stayed for four months, and then to Colombia, for almost two years. Finally he went to Turkey. There, at the Yemeni consulate, they told him that he had a complaint about the kidnapping of his two nieces, whom he had taken without authorization; So that they would not be removed, in March 2020 he arrived by plane to Spain.

In Spain the arrested and the women lived in precarious conditions of habitability and health. Around 2,500 US dollars and 5,000 euros in cash have been intervened in the registry.

The agents, says Europa Press, were able to confirm that the mother of the nieces, the wife of the brother of the arrested, was still looking for them. The woman was located through the Interior Attaché at the Embassy of Spain in Saudi Arabia and said that she had not heard from her daughters for eight years.

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