Wednesday, December 7

The Police detect that the plot of the looting of the Valencian health system paid Rafael Blasco’s nephew a one-day trip to Panama

The Republic of Panama boasts white sand beaches and islands, islets and cays on its Caribbean Sea coast that, thanks to its tropical climate, make the country an ideal destination for sunbathing. There was Sergio Blasco, nephew of the former Valencian minister of the PP convicted of corruption, on a paid trip for the plot of the ‘Osvaldo case’ for which the former manager of the Provincial Hospital of Valencia is on the verge of sitting on the bench of the accused by the alleged crimes of embezzlement, administration fraud, influence peddling, prevarication and bribery. The pyramid network of companies to channel the alleged illicit commissions for the awards of 35 million euros from the Valencian public health paid Sergio Blasco a round trip of just one day to Panama, considered by the European Union as a tax haven .

A judge prosecutes two nephews of Rafael Blasco for a plot to collect commissions in public health

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Vamont Consulting, one of the screen firms in the plot, paid for a trip to Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) through a travel agency for the brothers Francisco José and Sergio Blasco. From there they traveled to Panama City on a “round trip in one day,” according to the investigating judge in the abbreviated procedure order. While Francisco José and another member of the expedition visited the city, Sergio Blasco “had a meeting with someone unidentified,” the magistrate adds.

The fleeting visit to the tax haven is the most striking trip, given its brevity, that the plot of the ‘Osvaldos case’ paid to the former manager of the Provincial Hospital of Valencia. Police investigations have revealed that the network of companies paid, in addition to land for Sergio Blasco, trips to Las Vegas (including an excursion to the Colorado canyon), China and Rome. Corporación Sociosanitaria del Mediterráneo SL also paid for a trip to Costa Rica for Sergio Blasco and for the defendant Gisela Samudio Bejarano, administrator of the company Identiart and defined by the judge as a “closely linked person” to the former manager of the Provincial Hospital.

The investigation of the ‘Osvaldos case’ has also detected that the pharmaceutical company Jansen Cilag SA paid alleged sponsorships —“through the mediation of Sergio Blasco”— for the organization of courses and events already held. One of the payments for institutional advertising, amounting to 58,000 euros, was used to cover a trip by Sergio Blasco to Andorra in 2010 (when Spain still considered the principality a tax haven), according to the documentation analyzed by the Unit of Economic and Fiscal Delinquency (UDEF) of the National Police after the registries to the companies and to the members of the plot.

The trip was paid for by the company Sakvitur, Consuelo Císcar’s travel agency, which financed the trip around the world for her son, the artist Rablaci (acronym for Rafael Blasco Císcar), by the Institut Valencià d’Art Modern (IVAM). ), the museum run by his mother. The agency of businessman Enrique Martínez was investigated in the framework of the ‘IVAM case’ for the trips of the Blasco-Císcar couple to Shanghai or Rome, among other destinations.

Pyramid structure of the network

The judge has prosecuted 11 alleged members of the ‘Osvaldos case’ plot, including the Blasco brothers and several businessmen, including a taxi driver who was in charge of one of the shell firms. However, he has freed the former Minister of the PP Rafael Blasco from the bench, seeing no signs that “he gave any order, indication or suggestion in order to determine” the companies that should be awarded the contracts.

The order considers that the organization received 35 million euros in public awards from the Valencian health service, whose commissions were channeled through a pyramid network of companies that paid for trips, the purchase of land and vehicles and even the payment of the domestic staff of Sergio Blasco and of his wife, Deborah Salom Císcar (daughter of the former director of IVAM).