Tuesday, October 19

The Police do not rule out that the archer’s attack in Norway has terrorist motivation

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The Norwegian police received the warning call at 6:15 p.m. yesterday. The first patrol car to show up in the center of Kongsberg, southwest of the capital Oslo, found the trail of corpses with nailed arrows left in his wake by the attacker, who killed five passers-by and wounded two others using a bow. Police Chief Oyvind Aas has confirmed that the perpetrator is a 37 year old dane who lives in Kongsberg and is already in police custody in Drammen City Prison. The center of the town remains sealed at this time. “It moved over a large area, there are many crime scenes, from a grocery store to the bus stop, that’s why tests are taken throughout the area,” he justified, without being able to answer yet about the motivation for the crimes or about a possible association with terrorism.

According to a report by Norwegian television TV2, the man was also armed with a knife and possibly various other weapons. After the first attacks, the perpetrator fled before he could be arrested, shortly after seven in the afternoon. A manhunt began at that time through the streets of Konngsberg as the wounded were taken to hospital, he said. At 18:47, after an armed confrontation with the police, he was arrested.

As the victims were being identified, around midnight, the police announced that there are an agent among the five victims of the killer, a policeman who was shopping in a supermarket on his day off. A large number of armed security guards and ambulances were deployed in the city. A helicopter and a bomb disposal team were also deployed. Mayor Kari Anne Sand declared that “it is a tragedy for everyone involved. Words fail me ”and announced the creation of a crisis team to help family members and those affected.

The investigating prosecutor in the case, Ann Irén Svane Mathiassen, has reported in an interview with the NTB agency, that the detainee has admitted the facts in the first interrogation and that the accusation has already been presented, to facilitate the work of collecting evidence from the police. “He is an old acquaintance of the police, but for now I prefer not to detail what matters he has been involved in,” said Mathiassen. “We believe that only that person is the one who has committed the deeds. It is natural to analyze whether it is a terrorist act, but it is still too early to say anything, ”confirmed Police Chief Oyvind Aas.

Acting Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, described the events as “horrible”, as did the opposition leader, Jonas Gahr Store, who will take over as head of government today after winning the general elections that were held a month ago.

Kongsberg is a popular ski resort. The city is located about 80 kilometers southwest of Oslo and has a population of just under 28,000. These events have returned the Norwegian population to the worst terrorist attack in its modern history, ten years ago. On July 22, 2011, far-right terrorist Anders Behring Breivik detonated a bomb hidden in a white van in the Oslo government district, killing eight people in the process.

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