Friday, September 24

The Police investigate a brutal homophobic aggression in the center of Madrid committed by eight hooded men

The National Police investigates a brutal attack committed in the middle of yesterday afternoon on a portal in the center of Madrid. According to the victim, eight individuals dressed in black sweatshirts and balaclavas assaulted him when he entered the doorway of his house, cut his lip with a razor and then cut off his buttock, marking him with the word “fagot” with the knife. police sources.

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The events took place on a website in the Malasaña neighborhood, which is why agents from the Central District police station have taken over the investigation. The story of the young man, 20, is part of the report opened after his complaint. The events took place in broad daylight, around 5:00 p.m.

The hooded men accessed the portal at the same time as their victim. First they cut off his lower lip with a razor while calling him “fag”, “disgusting” and “shit eater”, always according to the young man’s statement. The attackers then laid him on the ground, lowered his pants and inflicted the aforementioned injuries on his buttock. The young man has also related to the Police that during the attack the hooded men made a reference to the “antichrist”.

According to the instruction issued by the Secretary of State for Security After the crime of Samuel Luiz in A Coruña, the Central District police are investigating the brutal assault as a hate crime due to the insults made against the victim, and independently of the rest of the alleged criminally punished crimes that the assault includes.

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