Wednesday, October 27

The Police investigate the recordings to identify the perpetrators of the sexual insults to the Osasuna B players

“We will go to the end at 100%. We believe that we cannot tolerate it. That in the end they are some kids does not justify it.” This is how the vice president of SD Nueva Montaña, Sergio Hoz, has pronounced himself after the club filed a formal complaint at the police headquarters on Monday for the sexual insults that the Osasuna B Female players had to endure by a group of fans, during a match played with the local team last Saturday in Santander. The humiliating messages were directed more directly to Osasuna’s ‘number 9’, Karolina Sarasua, and included phrases such as “I’m going to rape you”, “we’re going to rape your whole team”, “pull up your shirt to show me your boobs and your ass “,” you can see your thong “or” your mother sucks it off “.

The president of the Cantabrian club, Mateo Sainz Costales, has transferred to the National Police the images that he himself captured at the end of the meeting to the group of five young people who dedicated themselves to harassing the rival team. The facts were also collected in the minutes by the referee Lucía Fernández, who also did not get rid of the sexist comments, at the end of a match that the rojilla won 0-5. According to the vice president of the Cantabrian club, the 30-minute video was taken in order to identify the perpetrators of the incident. Apparently, they are five minors who were located behind the fence and outside the field. According to the referee’s minutes, “at least one of them wore a tracksuit with the local team’s crest.” However, Hoz clarifies, the images do not collect the exact moment in which they made said comments, but the area where they were. “The Police will have what they ask of us. We are at their disposal so that this is solved and to put a face on those who did such atrocities,” he defends.

With this action, Karolina Sarasua assures to wait for what happened to be clarified, although for the moment she does not rule out taking parallel actions in the face of the messages she had to endure. In turn, the rojillo club, which has shown its rejection of the comments and has appreciated the attitude of SD Nueva Montaña, defends that it will remain awaiting the identification of the young people and the progress of the investigation. Then he will consult with Sarasua’s family how far he wants to go. “It must be taken into account that the party involved is a minor,” emphasizes the vice president of the club and president of Osasuna B Femenino, César Muniain.

In the last hours, Sarasua has been grateful for the messages of support received, after her teammate, María Blanco, with a message on Twitter shared the role that went viral with more than 36,000 likes and 16,000 retweets. “It is unfortunate that things like this continue to happen without any consequence,” Blanco denounced. “Thank you all very much for your support, I hope this type of insults will end as soon as possible, because I do not wish anyone everything we have lived through,” Sarasua replied with another tweet.

Support from the Provincial Government and the Pamplona City Council

In the last hours there have been messages of support for Karolina Sarasua, also from the political sphere. In her Twitter account, the President of the Government of Navarra, María Chivite, has expressed her “affection and support” for the red player, “as well as the most absolute condemnation of what she suffered.” “Let’s continue working to eradicate machismo from its roots both in sport and in society as a whole,” he concludes.

For his part, the mayor of Pamplona, ​​Enrique Maya, has called this Monday “shame” the insults received by the players of the Navarrese team. The mayor has also stated that Sarasua “has done what he has to do”, at the same time that he has trusted that Justice is now the one “to act.” “We will have to act so that this is not repeated and whoever does these things, pay it, this is a real outrage, it cannot be tolerated and it is necessary to intervene with all the forcefulness of the world,” said Enrique Maya to questions from the media.

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