Wednesday, August 4

The Police investigates the murder of a woman in Malaga as an alleged case of sexist violence

It was 8:50 in the morning when, at the door of the San Manuel school in Malaga, the neighbors heard shots. “I was in my house, I heard shots. I thought I was dreaming. – says a neighbor on Fernán Núñez Street, near the María Zambrano train station, where the event took place- My mother entered into shock saying that there were shots in the street. I have looked out on the balcony and I have seen the dead woman and the man with the blown head “.

Miguel Lorente: “With gender violence we are getting the wrong message by insisting so much on the complaint”

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The Emergency 112 Andalusia service has received around this time more than a dozen calls warning of shots.

The National Police has opened an investigation to clarify the circumstances in which, according to the first investigations, a 46-year-old Spanish woman has been murdered (presumably by her sentimental partner), with which they would be talking about an alleged case of violence of genre.

According to the first inquiries, reports the Police, a 55-year-old man of Spanish nationality would have shot his partner with a shotgun, to later shoot himself with the same weapon (also confirming his death). Police sources affirm that there are no previous complaints of gender violence between the parties. The victim and her partner had lived together for two years.

The details of the event are still unknown but it is known that the shots were made with a hunting shotgun. A colleague of the victim, whose name has not yet emerged, affirms that he was a cleaner at the school.Other witnesses say that the perpetrator of the shots was in a nearby bar with the shotgun holstered and that he would have gone to look for her before go to work.

The relatives (according to the neighbors could be two children of the victim) have been transferred to the interior of the school to be treated by the psychological services.

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