Thursday, July 7

The Police provide new annotations from Villarejo that link Rajoy with the operation against Bárcenas

Mariano Rajoy’s name returns to a police report in the Kitchen case. The former president of the Government appears in the annotations of Commissioner Villarejo on two conversations with the number two of the Interior, Francisco Martínez, in July 2013, which the Internal Affairs agents relate to the offer that Luis Bárcenas would have received in prison by a lawyer to keep silent about box B of the Popular Party, made on behalf of that Executive, and the threats in the event that he did not do so.

The visit to the Soto del Real prison by the lawyer Javier Iglesias, nicknamed The Largo for the protagonists of the Kitchen plot, it took place on July 8, 2013. Two days earlier, on Saturday, July 6, Villarejo recorded his conversation with Francisco Martínez, Secretary of State for Security. “Chisco. Several calls about Igles appointment with BARC on Monday in prison. He says that the MIN spoke with RAJ and everything is OK.”

In March of last year, within the Kitchen sub-piece that has remained secret until this week, Judge Manuel García-Castellón asked the Internal Affairs Unit of the Police to draw up a report on the statements that Bárcenas had made in the framework of the aforementioned investigations. The agents responded on May 25, three weeks ago, with a statement, to which has had access, in which they contextualize the affirmations of the ex-treasurer of the PP with the latest documentation seized from Villarejo, whether they are newspapers or informative notes which he wrote at the time.

The allusions to Rajoy appear when the police transcribe the affirmations of Luis Bárcenas about the threats received in prison so that he would not reveal the irregular financing system of the PP and the bonuses of its leaders. That entry of July 6, 2013 occurs when Bárcenas is serving a week in prison, where he has been admitted by order of Judge Pablo Ruz in the case of box B. That same July 6, and below the entry of the Conversation with Martínez, Villarejo notes: “Iglesias Jav. Various changes to the scheduled time. In the end, everything closes at 10am. Indeed, that Monday morning, Javier Iglesias visited Bárcenas in Soto del Real.

This is the version of the ex-treasurer before the judge that the policemen analyze in their report: “As soon as I entered Soto del Real, in my first stay in this center, a few days later, I had a visit from the PP lawyer at that time that His name was Javier Iglesias, in which I received clear threats I was told, before July 15, 2013, the day of my statement at the National High Court [en la que confesó la financiación irregular del PP] something like Luis, it is not convenient for you to declare that you are not going to screw up and such because your wife could end up in prison. I received very serious threats and a formal offer in addition, which was that if I did not speak, in short, that Gallardón was dismissed at the end of July, that in short, that the prosecutors in the case were (unintelligible) and that he be calm that in September he was at my place”.

For his part, the lawyer Javier Iglesias has always denied this version of the meeting, the last time in his appearance before the investigation commission of Congress: he assures that he visited Bárcenas within his duties as a lawyer for two investigated in the Gürtel case and adds that the PP has never hired his services as a lawyer.

In this section of the Internal Affairs report, the police reproduce several extracts from Villarejo’s annotations about Iglesias’ visit to prison. On July 15, a week after the meeting in Soto del Real, Bárcenas appears before Ruz and confesses twenty years of irregular financing of the then party in the Government. On July 27, Villarejo writes down another talk with number two of the Interior that the police reproduce in their report: “Chisco. General talk about LB and Rajoy’s tension, especially the Ministry.”

Rajoy appears in the summary of the Kitchen case from the first reports of Internal Affairs from the recordings seized from Villarejo. On October 29, 2018, the agents left in writing that from those audios it emerged that the “para-police” espionage against Luis Bárcenas was an operation “coordinated” by the Secretary of State for Security Francisco Martínez, “with the knowledge of the Asturian and the Long”. In that same 2018 report, the policemen identified the allusions of those involved to Asturiano and Barbas as references to the then president of the Government and the PP, Mariano Rajoy Brey.

The Internal Affairs report that includes the new reference to Rajoy also analyzes Bárcenas’ complaint about a Kitchen plot parallel to the one suffered by his family when he entered jail and which would have focused on spying on the former treasurer himself inside the prison, as revealed on Friday According to the investigation, the decision to activate the espionage of Bárcenas ‘family comes immediately after Javier Iglesias’ visit to jail.

The aforementioned annotations by Villarejo appear in the agendas seized from the commissioner in the framework of piece 28, which investigates an attempt to sell information coordinated from prison by the policeman. The agents searched his home again in October and found these notebooks that affect several pieces. Its content has served to underpin, among others, the accusation of the former secretary general of the PP María Dolores de Cospedal and her husband, Ignacio López del Hierro, who will testify on June 29 and 30.