Wednesday, October 20

The Police reflect in their report that they seized sticks and a brass knuckles from the homophobic protesters of Chueca

The National Police requisitioned in the neo-Nazi demonstration last Saturday a brass knuckles, five sticks and three flares, according to the report directed by the Provincial Information Brigade to the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office, accessed by The agents incorporated in this document images of the concentration and collected some of the slogans that the protesters launched, such as “Get rid of Madrid with AIDS!”.

The Prosecutor’s Office investigates the neo-Nazi demonstration in Chueca as a hate crime

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The report prepared by the agents confirms that those attending the demonstration launched homophobic shouts and chants. The Public Ministry has opened an investigation for a hate crime and the Government Delegation also announced that it would act against the protesters for having “cheated” on the reason for their departure, since they announced that they would do so against the 2030 agenda and finally attacked against the LGTBI collective.

The report details some of the slogans chanted by the attendees, and which were disseminated on social networks, such as “Get out queers from our neighborhoods!”, “They are not Spanish, they are queers!” or “Gay marriage is going to end, it is going to end!” The agents also alert about some of the signs identified in the march, such as the “red-and-yellow flag without the constitutional shield”, “black flag with the Celtic cross” and the “shield of Alcalá de Henares with the legend ‘Defend Alcalá'”. another emblem “with the shield of the Blue Division” and a banner of the ultra Spain 2000 party.

The president of this political formation “gave a rally” – the agents point out – at the Puerta del Sol “in which he made references to the ‘new world order’, to the ‘2030/2050 agendas’, against the political class and Of the media”. The celebration of this homophobic concentration generated some altercations with the neighbors, “who from the balconies rebuked the protesters with phrases like ‘Out with fascists!’, Some of these neighbors coming to throw water at the protesters,” the report states.

The agents confirm that two people communicated the march, among them the neo-Nazi Alberto Ayala, “on behalf of the San Blas-Canillejas Neighborhood Association”, and a second individual, as spokesman for the association of “residents of Pinar de Chamartín and Hortaleza “. Despite justifying the request for the celebration of the concentration to the Government Delegation in the 2030/2050 agenda, the report also cites some of the banners that they carried and that were not related to that matter. In one of them they exhibited the following motto: “In Madrid neither Latin bands nor MENAS”.

Throughout the rally, the Police intercepted an assistant with a brass knuckles, three individuals took a flare from them and also seized five sticks from the protesters. Around the march a device of the Police Intervention Unit (UIP) had been set up, the riot police, which intervene when other units, in this case the Provincial Information Brigade, warn of the possibility of altercations in the acts called .

At the end of the march, there were incidents that ended with “one of the attendees” attacked in the Plaza de Pedro Zerolo “by a group of eleven people.” The wounded man was “unconscious” and was treated at the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a fracture in the nose and another near the eye, on the orbital floor, according to the report of the Information Brigade for the Prosecutor’s Office.

For this aggression, Samuel EA, 22, a member of the group of alleged aggressors, who the Police say in another report, were detained from the clothing of extreme left groups. The attacked man is 32 years old and was in the area when the bulk of the protesters had left. He wore a black T-shirt with the inscription ‘King of the streets’.

The Government Delegation has already announced that it will impose an administrative penalty of 600 euros, the maximum allowed by law, to each of the two organizers of the march and another of 800 euros to six of the participants who seized flares, sticks and a brass knuckles.

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