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The policeman fired for spreading xenophobic hoaxes in a Vox act calls for “fighting” against the “unworthy” government

Ricardo Ferris, the chief inspector of the National Police dismissed by the Ministry of the Interior for spreading xenophobic hoaxes in a Vox act, has reappeared this Friday at a rally called by the Jupol union in Valencia. Ferris, a former chief of the Central District police station, moved to the second activity, a situation in which the agents do not serve on active duty. Microphone in hand and under heavy rain, Ricardo Ferris has called loudly to “fight” against the “unworthy government” of Pedro Sánchez.

A police command feeds the hoax in a Vox act: “Practically all criminals are foreigners”

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The man, immersed in a new project as announced in a farewell letter, recalled that he has been serving in the National Police for 32 years to “protect citizens from all crime.” At the rally organized by the Jupol ultra union, Ferris said: “Crime has declared war on us and, faced with that declaration of war, there is only one possible solution: Win! Overcome! Win!”, he exclaimed.

“We have fought against criminals, against terrorists, against mafias. Are we not going to be able to fight against this unworthy Government?”, she wonders. The man has requested support for the State Security Forces and Bodies. “It is the best we have in Spain, the National Police, the Civil Guard, the local police, the security guards”, he listed at the concentration held before the Police Headquarters of Valencia, on the Gran Vía de Ramón y Cajal.

“Trust them, the law and justice, but we all have to fight together because crime is totally unleashed,” warned Ricardo Ferris, protected by an umbrella before the intense downpour that fell this Friday in Valencia. “They have taken us for fools and we are going to stand up to them with or without the help of this government,” he says.

“The roar of this lion will soon be joined by thousands of roars, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of lions, which are going to bring down this crime,” he concluded, but not before launching a “Long live Spain!”

Ferris announced on October 31 that he had requested the pass to the second activity, while Vox tests the ground to incorporate him as a candidate. The far-right formation already offered him legal advice after his dismissal after he participated in an act of the Santiago Abascal party at the Ateneo Mercantil de Valencia in which he linked immigration in Spain to crime.

Ferris’s statements at the event organized by the Vox parliamentary group in the regional chamber and the ultra Denaes association are false, according to official figures. The inspector in second activity was also a teacher at the private academy of the neo-fascist leader José Luis Roberto to prepare candidates for the National Police.

In a letter addressed to the colleagues of Jupol, the union to which Ferris is affiliated, the inspector in second activity announced that he was going to “confront” Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska “and his decadent environment.”

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