Monday, March 27

The political pyromania of the PP

It is not just about not sharing a disastrous ideology that hopelessly deteriorates society in the short term, it is about something even more hurtful: the PP proves to be capable of anything in order to regain power. A power that it uses as if it were a bulldozer to extract and plunder the solidarity benefit of the public. This vampire right weakens those services that unite our community, bets on bread and circuses, launches individualistic messages and wallows in strategic post-truth.

Take a look at the community of Madrid, at its town hall, take a look at the objective data, please. To objective data, not to those that go through the marketing beauty salon. A ton of makeup goes a long way, trust me. This right does not collaborate in the construction of more and better democracy, throws into the electoral ocean the hook of “you can be like us” while favoring inequality, and blows up merit and ability as tools of prestige. This right does not propose articulated projects, it does not launch reasonable alternatives (I was going to write rational). They want the duel with clubs. There are not two PP (Casado versus Ayuso), there are two candidates for the throne of the neoliberal Áznar-Aguirre dynasty.

That is why, on a national scale, the right-wing party has abandoned its opposition role to adopt political pyromania. It blocks the renewal of fundamental organs with the sole purpose of damaging the health of our (everyone’s) democratic body; it discredits the image of Spain in the international framework knowing that abroad the weight of a lie is a very heavy burden; it delegitimizes the prestige of essential institutions in our legal organization by placing authentic mercenaries in them.

For this reason, on a regional scale, the right-wing party dedicates itself to intoxicating everything while showing itself incapable of managing its resources and powers, especially the latter, in times of crisis (I hope that sooner rather than later the justice will give names and surnames to the horrible management of public residences in the Community of Madrid).

I am not pessimistic, but I have always thought that there can be no dialogue where there are no logos. I’m from Atleti, ad augusta per angusta. I love to win and I know how to lose. It is in the respectful confrontation where each one brings out the best that is inside. This match is on the line, I hope that the spectators realize that one of the two teams uses the rough game because they think they have bought the referee. The best does not always have to win, what cannot happen is that those who cheat win.