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The pop icons that are gargoyles: Darth Vader, Alien and Gremlins | Digital Trends Spanish

Gargoyles have two meanings, one practical and one symbolic. The practical one is to be able to evacuate the rainwater from the roofs, and the symbolic one is that In medieval Europe, since few knew how to read, clergymen used these figures to visually represent the horrors of hell, in order to encourage people to go to church.

The truth is that the sacred and openly pop world has been mixed with the religious, since iconic figures of cinema such as Darth Vader or Alien have become gargoyles.

Gargoyles Pop: Darth Vader

Darth Vader, the dark protagonist of Star Wars, has watched over the neo-Gothic tower of the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in Washington since 1980.

Pop Gargoyles: Gremlins

Gremlins from the Bethlehem chapel (15th century) in Saint-Jean-de-Boiseau, near Nantes (France), installed in 1995.

Gargoyles Pop: Alien

Alien It has been lurking since 1997 in Paisley Abbey, Scotland.

Pop Gargoyles: Angel talking on the cell phone

In the restoration of the Catholic cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist in Hertogenbosch (Holland), from the 13th century, the Dutch artist Ton Mooy included in 2012 the statue of an angel with cowboys talking on a cell phone.

Gargoyle Pop: the man licking the mushroom

The outer wall of Lincoln College in Oxford (United Kingdom), built in the 15th century, shows an extravagant character licking a hallucinogenic mushroom with delight.

Gargoyle Pop: devil taking a selfie

In the Spanish city of Segovia, a chubby and good-natured devil taking a selfie, inspired by the legend that explains that the devil built the Aqueduct in one night in exchange for the soul of a young woman tired of carrying water every day from afar.

Gargoyles Pop: Mazinger Z

Also in the Bethlehem cathedral in the French city of Nantes, this tribute to the eighties culture of manga and cartoons.

Pop Gargoyles: Astronaut

In the cathedral of Salamanca in Spain there is an astronaut gargoyle.

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