Monday, January 17

The Pope calls for dialogue and “no shortcuts” in a world full of tragedies that are “overlooked”

The Pope has denounced that the pandemic has exacerbated “the tendency to close” also in the international arena, full of “immense tragedies” that are “overlooked” and has prescribed dialogue and not “shortcuts.”

It resonates around us and in the whole world, we still see many conflicts, crises and contradictions. They seem to never end and almost go unnoticed. We have become so accustomed that immense tragedies are already overlooked ”, he lamented the Pontiff during the blessing ‘Urbi et Orbi’, leaning on the balcony of the central Vatican Lodge before dozens of faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square with masks, but without respecting safety distances.

Italy has imposed this week the obligation to use the surgical mask outdoors to face the new wave of the pandemic, which leaves 40% more infections this week and 33% more deaths than in the previous week. In addition, the Executive of Mario Draghi has imposed the use of FPP2 masks in closed public places, such as means of transport, cinemas, theaters and sporting events.

The Pope has taken advantage of the traditional blessing ‘Urbi et Orbi’, which in Latin means ‘to the city (Rome) and to the world’ and that is taught twice a year: on Easter Sunday and on Christmas Day, to ask that vaccines reach “the poorest populations.”

Accompanied by the President Emeritus of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, Italian Cardinal Renato Raffaele Martino, The Pope has recalled the violence that is experienced in the world and has affected “the risk of not hearing the cries of pain and despair” of a lot of people. Francisco has made a review of the towns that are being hit by some type of violent conflict such as Iraq, which has caused “many victims and an incalculable number of refugees”, or Yemen, which has suffered a “huge tragedy” forgotten by all and that “has been perpetrated in silence for years.”

The Pontiff has also denounced “the continuing tensions between Israelis and Palestinians ”, which drag on without a solution. “Let’s not forget Bethlehem, the place where Jesus saw the light, which lives difficult times, also because of the difficulties it shared our dramas and broke the wall of our indifference,” he said.

In addition, Francis has urged the international community to commit to humanitarian assistance with the populations that “They are forced to flee their homeland” like the Afghans, who for more than forty years they are “harshly tested by conflicts that force many to leave the country.”

In this way, has urged the political authorities to “pacify societies devastated by tensions and conflicts”, also in Burma, where intolerance and violence “frequently hit the Christian community and places of worship, and overshadow the peaceful face of its people.”

The Pontiff has urged “dialogue” also in Ukraine so that “the metastases of a gangrenous conflict do not spread”. And it has also asked that Ethiopia find the “path of reconciliation and peace through a sincere debate, which puts the demands of the population first.”

Hear the cry of the peoples of the Sahel region, who suffer from the violence of international terrorism ”, he added.

In the same line, has called for peace for “the peoples of the North African countries who suffer from divisions, unemployment and economic inequality ”and of Sudan and South Sudan.

Finally, has called for prisoners of war, civilian and military, from the conflicts recent, and those who are imprisoned for political reasons may “return home soon.”

And again, has urged not to be “indifferent” to the drama of migrants, of the displaced and refugees. “Their eyes ask us not to look elsewhere, not to deny the humanity that unites us, to make their stories our own and not forget their dramas,” he urged.

Finally, has denounced “the negligence” with which the environment is frequently treated and he has asked the political authorities to reach “effective agreements” for his protection.

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