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The Pope: “I don’t know if Spain is reconciled with its own history, especially with that of the last century”

“I don’t know if Spain is totally reconciled with its own history, especially the history of the last century.” This is how Pope Francis answers Carlos Herrera when the COPE star announcer asks him about the situation in Catalonia and the Democratic Memory Law. The first interview of a Pope after his operation serves for Bergoglio to ask the Spanish for more reconciliation and less ideology. “It is you Spaniards who have to judge, giving your attitude well. But for me, the most key thing at this time in any country that has these kinds of problems, is to ask if they have reconciled with their own history,” he responds to a surprised Herrera.

“I do not know if Spain is completely reconciled with its own history, especially the history of the last century. And, if it is not, I think it has to make a step of reconciliation with its own history, which does not mean giving up on their own positions, but rather to enter into a process of dialogue and reconciliation; and, above all, to flee from ideologies, which are what prevent any reconciliation process, “adds Bergoglio, who points out that” ideologies destroy. National unity is a fascinating expression, it is true, national unity, but it will never be valued without the basic reconciliation of peoples. ”

For just over an hour, Francisco and Herrera review the situation in Afghanistan, the reform of the Curia or the ‘Becciu case’, and tiptoe through the laws of euthanasia or abortion. “I’m still alive,” he replied when asked about his hypothetical resignation after the operation, although he admits that “whenever a pope is ill, there is a breeze or a conclave hurricane.”

The pontiff also referred to Europe: “For me the unity of Europe at this time is a challenge. Either Europe continues to perfect and improve in the European Union, or it disintegrates”

Against Corruption and Latin Masses

Regarding the trial of Cardinal Becciu, Bergoglio maintains that “all means must be used to avoid (corruption). This is the way, I am not afraid of transparency or the truth. Sometimes it hurts a lot, but the The truth is what makes us free, “emphasizes the Pope, who admits that” I wholeheartedly want (Becciu) to be innocent (…). Now, justice is the one that will decide. ”

“I am not one to hit the table, it does not come out. Rather I am shy,” says Francisco, whose hand did not tremble with the masses according to the pre-conciliar rite. “Last year we saw with those responsible for the Cult and the Doctrine of the Faith that it was convenient to make another evaluation of all the bishops of the world. And it was done. It took all year. The concern that appeared most was that something done to help pastorally to those who have lived a previous experience, it was transformed into ideology. In other words, a pastoral thing to ideology. Then it was necessary to react with clear norms. Clear norms that put a limit to those who had not lived that experience, “he tells Herrera.

Regarding the German Synodal Path, Francisco points out that “I would not get too tragic either. In many bishops with whom I spoke there is no ill will. It is a pastoral desire, but that does not take into account some things that I explain in the letter. What must be considered”.

Curia reform: “Nothing invented”

Regarding the reform of the Curia, Bergoglio speaks of “adjustments”, not of revolution. “This is being worked on, and the last step is for me to read it – I must read it because I have to sign it and I have to read it word for word – you will not have anything new of what you are seeing now.”

“There is nothing of mine invented, what I did from the beginning is to try to put into action what the cardinals said in the pre-conclave meetings for the next Pope: the next Pope has to do this, this, this, this. And this is what that I started to start up. I think there are still several things to do, but there is nothing invented by me. I am obeying what was marked at that time. Perhaps some did not realize what they were saying or thinking that it was not so serious, but some issues cause itching, it is true. But there is no originality of mine in the plan. And my work project, ‘Evangelii Gaudium’, is one thing in which I tried to summarize what the cardinals said at that moment”.

The advances of his possible trip to our country, “if I go to Santiago, I go to Santiago but not to Spain, let it be clear”, his presence in Glasgow and the negotiation opened by the Secretary of State to help alleviate the drama in Afghanistan where, he points out, “not all eventualities were taken into account” before proceeding with the departure of the US troops from Kabul are other topics addressed in the talk, which also touched on, albeit briefly, topics such as the immigration, confinement or the drama of pedophilia.

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