Tuesday, September 28

The Pope, to the “cardinal deniers”: “As children they gave us vaccines and no one said anything”

“Also in the College of Cardinals there are some deniers and one of them, a poor man, was admitted with the virus. Ironies of life.” Pope Francis launched a volley at a sector of the Catholic Church, aligned with anti-vaccine groups, which They only do not inoculate the dose but rather urge the faithful not to do so. They are priests, bishops and cardinals who, as happened with Raymond Leo Burke, linked the pandemic with a supposed ‘shadow world government’. The American cardinal By the way, he ended up in the ICU for two weeks, infected with coronavirus.

At the press conference on the flight that brought him back from his tour of Budapest and Slovakia, Bergoglio lamented the rise of denialist theses, which he linked to “the virulence, the uncertainty, not only of the pandemic, but also of the diversity of vaccines and also because of the fame of some vaccines, ‘which are something else’, ‘a little distilled water’. This generated fear in people. “At the same time, other theories of those who” say that it is a danger because with the vaccine gets the virus inside. Many discussions that have created this division ”.

“As children they gave us vaccines and no one said anything,” Francisco responded to the journalists who accompanied him, throughout an hour of conversation, in which the excommunication of Biden, the future of the European Union, the emptied Spain or the legislation on equal marriage in Europe were protagonists. Although Bergoglio did not want to personalize the case of the president of the United States, whom part of the US bishops want to excommunicate for his defense of the right to decide of women, he did make it clear that “I have never denied the Eucharist to anyone! To nobody”.

“Enough with the excommunication, please do not put more excommunication on the people, they are children of God, they are temporarily away but they are children of God and they want and need our pastoral closeness,” said Francisco, who nevertheless wanted to make it clear that For the Church, “abortion is more than a problem. It is a homicide. Abortion, without half words. Whoever performs an abortion, kills. “However, and referring to the political intervention of the North American bishops against Biden, the Pope insisted that” if we look at the history of the Church we will see that, every time the bishops have managed, they do not as pastors, a problem, they aligned themselves in political life, in the political problem. By not managing a problem well, they got into the political question ”.

In another vein, Bergoglio stressed that “the Europe of the future has to ignite the dreams of the founding fathers of the EU. The EU is not a meeting to do things, there is a spirit at the base of the Union, which they dreamed of. Gasperi or Schumann, we have to go back there. It cannot just be a management office, “showing his concern about” the demographic winter “, with special reference to our country. “In Italy the average age is 47, and in Spain I think it is even worse. So many empty villages, or with a dozen elderly people, is a serious concern”

Finally, on the request of the European Parliament that Hungary and Poland assume the criteria of the majority of the EU member states to recognize equal marriage (and that the PP MEPs refused to vote), the Pope once again reiterated his thesis that “if a homosexual couple wants to lead a life together, the states have the possibilities of giving them security, stability, inheritance, not only for homosexuals but for all people who want to associate. But marriage is marriage. This does not mean condemn them, no, please, they are our brothers and sisters ”

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