Tuesday, July 5

The popular accusation in the ‘Taula case’ asks for the ‘money junkie’ to be imprisoned for flight risk

The entity Acción Cívica Contra la Corrupción, which exercises the popular accusation in the main part of the ‘Taula case’, has asked the head of the Court of Instruction number 18 of Valencia to order the interim prison of Marcos Benavent, self-styled ‘junkie of the money’. “Having completely disappeared the collaboration of the investigated with the justice”, the popular accusation considers that “the legal and jurisprudential requirements are met” to adopt the measure.

‘Vendetta’ of the ‘money junkie’ against his repentant figurehead: “I have said true things and many false”

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The letter Civic Action Against Corruption adds that, after almost seven years of investigation, “there is no doubt” about the facts investigated that, with a “criminal nature”, would be “firmly attributable” to the ‘money junkie’. Benavent has left his family’s chalet in Benigànim where he has lived in recent years, as confirmed by various sources, and has given the court the address of his new lawyer’s office for court notifications.

The popular accusation maintains that entry into provisional prison should be assessed as “indispensable” to avoid the risk of flight, “as a sure danger of collusion or obstruction of the process by the main investigated in the case.” The brief reproaches the investigating judge for accepting that the address of the lawyer Juan Carlos Navarro appear “thus preventing the mandatory and necessary personal notifications.”

In his declaration of October 27, 2021, Marcos Benavent assured that “he has always lived in a family chalet in Benigànim without providing the address, so that neither the information on rights nor the header of the declaration appears the data of the address”. In addition, Civic Action Against Corruption maintains, the ‘money junkie’ lacks family roots as he does not have, “as far as is known” the accusation, a partner or descendants. “We cannot extend ourselves in their labor roots, because it is null”, the writing slips with sarcasm.

“Foreign Contacts”

The entity assures that Benavent “maintains contacts and relations abroad” and recalls that, at the beginning of the investigation of the ‘Taula case’, he toured countries such as Ecuador, Japan and the Netherlands before returning to Spain to collaborate with the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office.

The holding of the trial by the separate piece J “shows an obvious flight risk” for the accused. In addition, the letter ensures that Marcos Benavent “has sufficient capacity to influence other investigators and witnesses.”