Friday, August 12

The population is alerted to an increase in dengue cases in North Panama

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) carried out a fogging operation in North Panama due to the increase in dengue cases reported in the last week that indicate 53 confirmed cases and 14 suspects.

Therefore, the team of Vector Control began its journey in the village of Chilibre where 37 properties were inspected and fogged in Altos del Río and in the same way in Las Albinas township of Caimitillo where 34 properties were inspected and fogged.

In the area of ​​Villa Zuira, in the village of Las Cumbres, 23 properties were inspected and nebulized, in the Ernesto Córdoba Campos township, the intervention was carried out in urbanizations such as Suntracs, in the Olimpus, Sierra Nevada, Montblanc, Aventura, Everest, Augusta, Alpes and Victoria PHs, with some 140 properties being fogged.

The vector technicians carried out the fumigations with the ULB car and the light equipment in sidewalks, streets and urbanizations and they ask the general population to After heavy rains on your property, check and eliminate mosquito breeding sites to prevent the spread of thiss.